Our commitment to sustainability

At Yankee Candle, we are committed to delivering distinctive products and experiences in a sustainable and socially responsible way for our customers, communities and employees - now and for generations to come.

We are achieving this vision by focusing on:

  • Our responsible use of energy
  • Minimization of waste and identification of recycling and reuse solutions
  • Partnerships with responsible suppliers
  • Providing more sustainable packaging and products

We are committed to the responsible use of energy through the implementation of best practices, and through strategic partnerships focused towards achieving global energy conservation practices.

Through waste minimization, we are increasing our efforts in recycling and reuse. We consider this to be the process of reworking a given product beyond its intended use or producing a new product from a recyclable material. We are proud to partner with companies that recognize the importance of cleaner manufacturing, recycling, solid waste reduction and other eco-friendly innovations. We are developing partnerships with suppliers based on an open dialogue that fosters improvements in the sustainability of our products, packaging and services.

are designing our packaging in order to use more recyclable materials and to reduce the impact of our packaging on the environment.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, we continue to leverage our expertise to provide the quality and experience consumers expect while making continuous improvements throughout the entire product life cycle.

As global sustainability and environmental awareness grows within our culture, we will do our part to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

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