Upcycling: What’s-for-Dinner Jar

We’ve all been there: so many recipes we want to try out that we’re not sure what to make — or stuck in a mealtime rut and looking for inspiration to cook something new. Here’s a simple upcycling idea to solve both dilemmas and create a fun night in!

You’ll Need:

• Yankee Candle® Original Large Jar Candle jar
• Sheet of paper or sticky notes
• Scissors
• Pen
• Label materials (optional)

What to Do:

First, remove any leftover wax from your candle jar (Tip: look online to find the safe method that works best for you).

Write down the names of all the recipes you’ve been dying to try out on a sheet of paper or sticky notes.

Cut out the names in strips of about the same size and shape (you can also fold sticky notes in half to hide the names).

Put the paper strips inside the jar.

Optionally, make a fun label for your jar!

Now the next time you’re not sure what to make, just pull a recipe name out of your jar for a fun surprise!