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TerraCycle® & Recycling FAQs

You can use TerraCycle® to recycle Yankee Candle®, WoodWick®, Chesapeake Bay Candle®, and Friday Collective™ finished home fragrance products including: candles, wax melts and Easy MeltCups, diffusers and refills, plug-ins and refills, room sprays (1.5 ounces and under), Fragrance Spheres™, and auto air fresheners and refills.

Yes! TerraCycle® accepts all packaging from Yankee Candle®, WoodWick®, Chesapeake Bay Candle®, and Friday Collective™ products. However, we ask that you please use curbside recycling for any paper or cardboard packaging.

Additionally, Yankee Candle® and WoodWick® glass containers may be recyclable through your local curbside services or municipal recycling drop-off locations. If not, you can send them to TerraCycle® with the rest of your shipment for this program.

Though your shipment can be any weight or box size, we suggest a weight minimum of 15 pounds to minimize the transportation carbon footprint.

Our stores do not currently accept products for recycling. However, once enrolled in the TerraCycle® program, you may recycle our products via mail.

Please note: Our TerraCycle® program has an enrollment cap, and as demand for our TerraCycle® program continues to grow, you may be waitlisted before you can enroll. Our team aims to scale the program in the near future to help meet increasing demand. We appreciate your patience.

Currently, we do not offer home fragrance rewards for recycling through TerraCycle®. However, TerraCycle® has their own point system for charitable donations. Learn more here: https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/redeem

We’re sorry, but recycling through TerraCycle® is currently only available in the contiguous United States.

We love this question! Vases, planters, pen holders, and makeup brush holders are all ways our team repurposes finished candle jars. You’ll find more ideas on our Inspirations page. https://www.yankeecandle.com/inspirations?fdid=inspiration.