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The Yankee Candle® website® gives you the option to either check out as a guest when shopping, or to create a registered account with us. If you create an account, here are some of the benefits that you’ll instantly enjoy!

Saved Payment Methods

Easily save your credit card payment method for convenient access on future orders.

Express Checkout

Use this feature to automatically complete your shipping and payment information. Review & Submit Order is your next step — very convenient for quick checkout or when you’re ordering from a tablet or smart phone.

Address Book

Save your gift recipients’ addresses or alternate shipping addresses for your own orders.

Saved Shopping Bag

Items will remain in your shopping bag for 30 days and will appear when you are logged into your account. You’ll also receive email reminders of what’s in your cart so you won’t forget to place your order.

“Saved Cart” Email Reminders

If you’re logged into your account when you add something to your Shopping Bag, you’ll automatically receive an email reminder of what’s in your cart. 


Save a list of products you’re interested in to create your own personal shopping list or to share with friends by email or social media.

Easy Access from Multiple Devices

Log into your account to access your saved addresses, payment methods, shopping bag or wish list from any of your devices — smart phone, desktop computer, laptop or tablet.

Order History

When you’re logged into your account, you’ll be able to see your Order History. It shows the items you ordered, billing address, payment method, and tracking number, as well as any return order details, if applicable. The tracking number is valid for 30 days, and orders will remain in your Order History for six months.

Product Reviews

Your account allows you to share your opinions about our products. We always love to hear from our customers and look forward to hearing from you!

“Special Offers” Preferences

Easily manage your contact preferences in your main profile. You can elect to receive these offers via email, by physical mail, or on your smart phone

Creating an Account Is Easy!

Creating an account is an easy 2-step process:

Step One: Click on the “Account” link, found on the upper right of the web page.

Step Two: In the “Create an Account” section of the My Account page, enter your first name, last name, email address, and the password that you’d like to use for your new account.

Screen shot of the account registration screen.

After you create your account, use your “My Account” center to enter your payment method(s), addresses for your address book, and Wishlist.

Screen shot of the Membership Account Services Center

Your Information Is Private and Secure

Yankee Candle® is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our guests. For more information about how your personal information is protected, read our Privacy & Security Policy.

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