Signature vs. Original Candle Collections

What are the Differences Between Signature and Original Candles?

With an array of scented candle colors, fragrances, and styles available in our Yankee Candle® Collections, you can choose what fits best in your home. Whether it’s the stylish, updated shape of the Signature Candles Collection, or the iconic jar shape of the Original Candles Collection, you’ll have the benefits of a great fragrance experience. Try both types of candles as you consider the differences in style, burn time, and fragrance of each collection, and make your choice by season, fragrance type, or occasion. Whichever scented candle you choose will create the perfect ambiance in any space in your home.

Signature vs. Original Candle Styles

Yankee Candle® premium candles with true-to-life scents, as well as our car and home fragrance selections, are the heart of our brand. While our Original Jar Candle collection features an iconic jar shape, the reimagined style of the Signature Jar Collection features an updated take on the classic jar style and includes two wicks instead of one for added ambiance that works with any décor.

Original Jar - Iconic Style

Original Jar Candles are one of our most popular Yankee Candle® fragranced candle forms. Both Small Original Jar and Large Original Jar feature a recognizable shape that is a nod to our 50-year Yankee Candle® history. The lidded jar-shaped vessel, made with sturdy glass, has become a symbol of our commitment to creating the world’s finest candles — you’ll even see the same classic silhouette in our Car Jar® and Car Jar Ultimates® air fresheners.

The Iconic Style of the Original Jar Candle

Original Jar Candles are one of the most popular candle designs from Yankee Candle®. Offered in sizes such as the Small Original Jar Candle and Large Original Jar Candle, the Original Jar Candle has been a part of our 50-year history. Made from glass, these candles have become a symbol of our commitment to creating the finest candles and fragrances for your home. The best part is you get the iconic shape in the classic silhouette when you choose to add fragrance to your car with our Car Jar® and Car Jar® Ultimates — perfect for fragrance on the go. 

Whether you are capturing a memory, giving a gift of love, or decorating your home, Original Large Jar Candles are a perfect choice for personalizing with a photo. Besides selecting a personalized label, Original Jar Candles are perfect for upcycling DIY favorites and Holiday Character Jars. Once your candle is empty, remove the remaining wax and get crafting! Original Jars feature hand-illustrated labels, and the vivid color of the wax offers a splash of color that complements your décor. Original Small Jar Candles and Original Large Jar Candles are perfect for giving to someone you love.

Style Reimagined with the Signature Collection

The reimagined style of the Yankee Candle® Signature Collection is a stylish, modernized version of our iconic Original Jar Candles and designed to create the best fragrance experience with two wicks instead of one. The Signature Collection candles are available in small, medium, or large sizes. These signature scented candles offer collection-exclusive true-to-life scents with an elegant design for the perfect addition to any room in your home.

Signature Tumbler Candles make a polished statement with a brushed tin lid that fits under the base and serves as a candle coaster. Hand-illustrated labels and vibrant wax colors are matched with signature fragrances to create an inspired addition to your décor. The Signature Jar Candle is elegant and preserves the key elements of the Original Jar Candle with its updated, sleek glass vessel, lid, and a premium soy wax blend. For fragrances new to you or new to your home, try our Signature Small Tumbler Candles which are ideal for smaller spaces or for trying out a new fragrance. For larger spaces in your home, opt for a Large Tumbler Candle instead of Signature Small Tumbler Candles.

A Satisfying Burn: Signature Candles vs. Original Candles

The best ingredients go into creating our distinctive true-to-life scents made with paraffin wax and soy-wax blends and wicks made with 100% natural fibers. Both Original Jar Candles and Signature Collection Candles offer hours of enjoyment with their long-lasting burn times.

Original Jar Candles Offer Long-Lasting Burns

The Original Jar Candles are loved for their timeless design and long burn times. Our Original Large Jar Candles burn up to 150 hours and provide the perfect glow for cozy nights and true-to-life fragrances in any room. With their long-lasting, efficient burn, they make thoughtful gifts that can be personalized with a photo or an image that someone you love will adore over time. The premium-grade paraffin wax and 100% natural fiber wicks mean you enjoy the best possible scent experience from candles in the Original Jar Candle Collection. Even our Original Small Jar Candles provide a compact size for small spaces and up to 30 hours of burn time.

Clean, Consistent Burn and Signature Scent

The Signature Collection provides superior fragrance and has a smooth soy wax blend that provides a clean, consistent burn. Signature Large Jar Candles provide a burn time of up to 90 hours while a Signature Large Tumbler Candle fills the room with scent for up to 100 hours. Multi-wick candles, such as our Signature Jar Candles and Signature Tumbler Candles, provide extra ambiance and a consistent wax pool for more fragrance. Aided by fiber wicks, multi-wick candles provide good fragrance throw. Signature Small Tumbler Candles provide up to 30 hours of burn time and can be upcycled once all the wax is gone.

Fill A Room with The Perfect Scent: Signature vs. Original Candles

Find favorite fragrances, seasonal scents, and collection exclusives in our Original and Signature Collections. Both collections offer a large assortment of distinct, true-to-life fragrances to fit the moment or memory. You’ll always find new scents to try and on-trend arrivals at Yankee Candle®.

Exclusive Scents of the Original Jar Candle

Choose an Original Jar Candle, in small or large, for classic fragrance that provides a nod to nostalgia. Choose fragrances such as Lilac Blossoms and Fresh Cut Roses for summer, or Christmas Cookie™ and Sparkling Cinnamon for holiday memories. Try New England Blueberry or Belgian Waffle — ideal fragrance choices for Original Jar Candles to bring Sunday morning family traditions to mind. Select from your favorite fragrance type, either floral, fruity, citrus, fresh and clean, sweet and spicy, or woody, and see what’s on-trend to find your perfect scent-style combination with this iconic shape.

Mix Fragrances and Memories with Signature Collection Candles

If you are searching for the perfect Signature Collection candle, expect to find favorites like Spiced Pumpkin or Wild Orchid, and uncover new favorites like Warm Luxe Cashmere and Tangerine & Vanilla that add unique scents and ambiance to your home. Discover fragrances that help inspire your mood and captivate your senses with all different Signature Jar Candles or Signature Tumbler Candles, each with hand-illustrated labels that add a decorative touch and show off your personal style.

Choose the Scented Candle That’s Perfect for You

Whether you prefer scented candles from the Signature Collection or are opting for a more nostalgic look like our Original Jars, any candle you choose will be a welcoming addition to your home. Mix and match scents and styles and discover new favorites through the Yankee Candle® Auto-Ship Subscription and make the most of your selected fragrances with our DIY ideas, décor tips, and upcycling inspirations. It can be hard to choose a new fragrance with so many options from our Original or Signature Collection, but no matter what candle you pick, we hope you will love your fragrance!