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Make a Personalized Candle—The Picture-Perfect Mother’s Day Gift!



"Yankee Candle offers great benefits to employees - both tangible and intangible. The team atmosphere and the great product combined with the wonderful employees make it unbeatable. Yankee Candle's work environment is unlike any that I have experienced - the support and cooperation among employees is unparalleled. My greatest reward comes from knowing that the work I do is appreciated - by our guests and other employees."
Kim, Administrative Assistant

"It's very rewarding to see customers respond so positively to all our products and to know that all the testing we've done has helped result in a quality product. Yankee Candle is a company that, in spite of it's tremendous and continuing growth, really cares about each individual employee. The greatest reward working for Yankee is when an employee works hard, isn't afraid to take on responsibilities beyond their job requirements, and shows enthusiasm, it doesn't go unnoticed. My hard work and dedication to my job resulted in a promotion after working at Yankee Candle for only 8 months. Yankee Candle is a company that encourages its employees to excel and that's the kind of company that I'm proud to work for."
Jean, Production Material Specialist

"Since I started working for Yankee Candle Company, I have been able to develop an entirely new attitude towards the concept of team-oriented rewards and achievements. This company was founded on many solid principles; one of them being the success of individualism as it pertains to the success of the company. Many great concepts and ideas that have built this company to where it stands today are a direct result of people given the opportunity to succeed.

To be part of a dedicated team and to know that your work is valued and trusted is, without question, the leading factor in my working here. I have not once questioned my decision to come on board, and look forward to many years of continued growth and satisfaction"
John, Retail Systems Manager

"I have always been proud to say that I work for the Yankee Candle Company - a company that does so much for so many other people. The teamwork here is outstanding - everyone is right there to help you. We meet guests from all over the country with many tales to share. It allows me to forget any of my problems and get caught up in the challenge of helping our guests have a great shopping experience."
Barbara, Retail Sales Associate

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