Product Ingredients

What's Inside a Yankee Candle®

Only the finest quality ingredients and materials go into a Yankee Candle®. Before one of our products ever reaches your home, all of our fragrances are rigorously screened, reviewed and tested. We’re proud of the quality and safety of the ingredients that go into our candles and other fragrance products. Like us, we know you expect nothing short of the very best, so we’re happy to share those ingredients with you.

About Smart Scent™ Vent Clips

Our adjustable fragrance, odor neutralizing Smart Scent™ Vent Clips, release Yankee Candle® fragrance to keep your car smelling fresh and fragrant. Yankee Candle® is the benchmark for quality in the candle world and all our fragrances are formulated for optimal performance and safety.

  All Smart Scent Vent Clips Formulations:
Ingredient: Function:
Fragrance* Fragrance

*To learn more about the fragrances used in our Smart Scent™ Vent Clips, click here.


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