Botany Collection

Create the tranquil feeling of being in nature with complex and multi-layered fragrances made with essential oils.

The Collection

Enjoy a confident, bold design paired with fine fragrances that trend towards darker notes of wood, leather, and spice.

Be Inspired By Beauty

Chesapeake Bay Candle® collections are inspired by the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay shoreline. The fragrances in each collection are driven by a deep, intuitive understanding of the power of scent to inspire a life lived with purpose. Beautiful, minimalist designs and fragrances encourage you to find and maintain balance. With high-quality, nature-inspired scents, and clean, simple designs, Chesapeake Bay Candle® sets the foundation for practicing mindfulness. Each carefully curated collection provides mood-inspiring blends and innovative scents that inspire tranquility so you can be the best version of you.

Begin Your Journey Into Wellness

Shop the scented candle collection, such as the Botany Collection or the Mind & Body Collection, that motivates your journey into wellness. Browse the Intentions Collection where you can choose your favorite aspirational statement with fragrances that inspire a reset and a refocus to your day. The Mind & Body Collection includes a selection of scents that take you on a journey to discover your inner balance. The simple designs of the Botany Collection will encourage feelings of tranquility and being one with nature. All are made with a soy wax blend and essential oils. The Collection features minimalist designs and premium fragrances that trend towards darker notes of wood, leather, and spice.