Tumbler Candles - Yankee Candle®
You can't go wrong with Tumbler Candles for creating a holiday centerpiece or a welcoming seasonal mantle. They play well with others—so mix them with multiple candles in different heights.
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Holidays Memories in the Making
The ultimate do-it-yourself gift—unique, thoughtful and guaranteed to make the holiday special.
Personalized Christmas Candle
Personalized Winter Wedding Candle
Personalized Baby's First Christmas Candle
Tumbler Candle Facts
Tumbler Candle Facts
Large Candle Burn Time
Burn Time Large: 75-110 hours
Medium: 40-50 hours
Small: 35-55 hours
Large Candle Weight
Weight Large: 20 oz.
Medium: 14.5 oz.
Small: 3.7 oz.
Large Candle Glass Recyclable
Glass 100% Recyclable
Large Candle Wick
Wick Natural Fibers Lead-Free