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CLEARANCE Seafoam Kensington
Fragrance Dispenser
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This item is currently not available.
Sale Price $5.00 Strikethrough List Price $11.00
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Décor-Enhancing Fragrance Dispenser

Fragrance Dispensers put room-filling fragrance at arm’s reach. Choose a décor-enhancing dispenser that suits your style, add the Concentrated Room Spray of your choice, and with just a quick press, you’ll release a powerful burst of true-to-life, long-lasting fragrance whenever you need it. Concentrated Room Sprays are available in fragrances that soothe and refresh with familiar florals, transport you to a tropical oasis, or conjure favorite fragrances from the natural world. Why not add a touch of elegance and convenience? Fragrance Dispensers are a welcome addition to any room that benefits from fragrance when and where you want it.

Room-Filling Fragrance with Style

Elegant patterns and style-focused colors adorn these Fragrance Dispensers designed to fit seamlessly into every space. Their understated, sleek designs are the perfect way to keep Concentrated Room Sprays accessible. Simply twist the base to Lock or Unlock the dispenser. Insert a canister of Concentrated Room Spray (you can choose your favorite scent separately), set the base to Spray, and push down on the top to release the fragrance. One or two sprays will fill a room in seconds. Presto — room-filling fragrance with style!