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New Car Scent

Car Jar Ultimate

Item #1220940

Fragrance Life of Up to 4 weeks


Mix & Match: 4 for $20

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About Car Jar® Ultimate

The Car Jar® Ultimate neutralizes unpleasant odors and freshens the air in your car or small space, leaving only your favorite Yankee Candle® fragrance! The Car Jar® Ultimate fragrance level is specifically formulated to shrink when it is time to replace. When the fragrance shrinks below the label, it is time for a new one. Only the finest premium quality ingredients infused with natural essential oils to create distinctive "true-to-life" scents. Hang from mirror in car, or in any small space that needs fragrancing.

About This Fragrance

Make your car smell like it's brand new again! Keeps your car smelling great inside with this authentic, true-to-life Yankee® scent.

Up to 4 weeks

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Fair scent - but not like a new car... It's hard to say exactly what this scent is supposed to smell like since it misses that new car smell that many of us love. I love Car Jar Ultimates, so I am very happy to keep using my other favs, Macintosh, Autumn Leaves, & the other excellent Y.C. fragrances offered. A new car smell is a fun idea, though. October 11, 2013
Couldn't smell anything I bought 6 of these in the store a little while ago, gave 3 to my sister. The first one that I used was the new car scent, I was highly disappointed, no scent at all. I figured it was just that scent (wishful thinking). I tried the pineapple cilantro and the sun and sand next and nothing, no scent whatsoever. My sister didn't have any luck either. I love Yankee Candles, but these just don't work, and they aren't inexpensive, either! August 23, 2013
Car jar ultimate dont work! they dont work! ive tryed 3 diffrent sents couldent smell them at all. get the vent sticks, they work great January 26, 2013
No scent I'm a huge Yankee Candle fan but I'm done buying the Car Jar Ultimates. I bought 3 different ones and so far only one of them was worth it. The Christmas scent and this New Car scent have both been disappointing. New Car really smells more like a leather shoe (which isn't really unpleasant, but not what I expected) and I can only smell it if I hold it right up to my nose. It gives off no scent whatsoever when I'm in my car and I've only had it open for 3 days so it's not old. January 13, 2013
Just like it says! I got a "new to me" SUV in late June 2012, and the dealership really did an excellent job detailing the vehicle. It had that brand new car smell even though it was 6 years old! So, to keep that smell around, I bought this car jar ultimate and it's doing the trick...big time! I just wish it would come in a vent stick version too. January 10, 2013
New Car Love this one. I had bought a new car about a year ago and when it started to lose that new car scent i tried everything could not get it back. Until i found this. Its a great scent and smells so true to the new car scent. Great replication and now no matter how old my car gets it will always smell new ;). I REALLY wish they had this in a candle form. Would like my house to now have that new scent!! lol November 21, 2012
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