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Vanilla Cupcake

Car Jar Ultimate

Item #1220923

Fragrance Life of Up to 4 weeks


Mix & Match: 4 for $20

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About Car Jar® Ultimate

The Car Jar® Ultimate neutralizes unpleasant odors and freshens the air in your car or small space, leaving only your favorite Yankee Candle® fragrance! The Car Jar® Ultimate fragrance level is specifically formulated to shrink when it is time to replace. When the fragrance shrinks below the label, it is time for a new one. Only the finest premium quality ingredients infused with natural essential oils to create distinctive "true-to-life" scents. Hang from mirror in car, or in any small space that needs fragrancing.

About This Fragrance

The rich, creamy aroma of vanilla cupcakes with hints of lemon and lots of buttery icing.

Up to 4 weeks

Vanilla Cupcake 3.7 5 3 3
Delicious "memory" fragrance! Brings back memories of past wonderful beach trips, the good ones! I wish these "car jar" things would just last longer and be more pronounced (for a larger car or SUV). In an SUV that has some larger spaces, the fragrance is completely lost. In my Buick Le Sabre 2001 4-door sedan, it is perfect. June 10, 2013
Vanilla Cupcake Ultimate I love this scent and am buying every product available in it. I bought the regular car jar and it didn't do anything but smell for 1 day, so I bought four of these ultimate jars and I have used 2 of them (one in my car and one in my small bathroom) and I didn't smell anything at all, not even for a brief period of time. I love this scent and this product disappointed me. I am not having luck with the smaller scent products. I will stick with the room spray, wax tarts and large jars, as they are perfect for my nose that wants strong scents. Sorry Yankee, but this was a total miss for me :( May 9, 2013
My Car Smells Awesome! I bought this car jar because my car smelled funky after all of the salt and slush my carpets absorbed from the winter. I love the smell, it's one of my favorites and it's not overpowering in my car. This air freshener did its job wonderfully! Even after four weeks of use, the smell of cupcakes is present in my car. The only downside about these car jars is that they are held in a plastic case that melts when left in the car during hot months. The melting isn't bad, the plastic simply pops open and becomes disfigured; no melting onto the dash of the car. September 15, 2012
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