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About Kindle Candle® Firestarters
Say goodbye to dangerous bits of newspaper floating in the air, nasty fumes from lighter fluid, messy bark and twigs. Each Kindle Candle® delivers a mighty powerful flame for 25 minutes. That's plenty of time to get your fireplace, campfire, or charcoal grill fire going. And, our candles burn away leaving behind no residue.
About Candle Tools
You'll find this collection of tools an essential part of your Yankee Yankee Candle® experience!
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Kindle Candle® 4.7 5 24 24
Love these! Kindle candles are a must have for anyone with a wood burning fireplace! It takes virtually no time at all to get a fire going when using them. My only disappointment with them is that my local store stops carrying them before I am ready to give up using my fireplace for the season. I highly recommend them! August 23, 2014
City folk are now a little bit Country... My husband and I purchased an old cabin in the country with an old wood stove, that had some old wood. These candles have made us city folk look like pros, LOVE LOVE LOVE them, make starting a fire so easy! March 9, 2014
I can light a fire now! I have absolutely no talent for lighting fires, so I ordered these in hopes of helping with that. They worked beautifully! It was so easy and they're cheaper than any fire starters you can buy in the store. January 17, 2014
Great Product! This product is the best ! It is a fast fire starter and smells great! January 13, 2014
This is the most effiecient and fast way to start fires.. We have a wood stove and we love having the firestarter as it works every time. It is clean and so easy to use. November 16, 2013
The perfect! Simple, fast and effective, the product dreamed for beautiful evenings around the fire! September 15, 2013
We love these so easy to use. We use these when we go camping and in our backyard chimney. They work great the fire gets started fast. Great product!! May 19, 2013
This product is quick and easy to use Bought this product for the first time to try out for use in starting camp fires a little quicker, Was very impressed, the product did just as was advertised. We had friends over prepared the site and used a kindle candle and in no time at all were sitting and enjoying our evening. Will buy this product to use at home and camping. April 30, 2013
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