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About This Fragrance
Sheer ecstasy. . . ripe, juicy blueberries on a bed of creamy vanilla icing is the perfect dessert topping.
About Large Jar Candles
Our candles are made from premium grade paraffin and infused with the finest quality ingredients that deliver "true-to-life" scents. Each wick is hand striaghtened to ensure the best burn possible.
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Berrylicious 4.6 5 11 11
Wonderful Smell This candle has such a sweet smell, and it scents up the whole house! I love lighting this candle and smelling it for hours! I've never really been a blueberry fan, but this candle converted me! July 23, 2014
Too sweet For me it is too sweet smelling but others love it. July 18, 2014
Deep, Fruity Fragrance I recently purchased this scent in both tart and votive form. My oldest son actually picked it out and sometimes his fragrance choices and mine differ greatly! However, this time, he and I see eye-to-eye on this one! In my opinion, this is NOT Blueberry Scone repackaged/recolored/renamed. As other reviewers have said, Blueberry Scone has more of a bakery note to it, and Berrylicious is fruitier. I get more than just blueberry to it- other dark colored berries seem to be included as well. The color is beautiful- the blue/black color is deep and complex (just like the fragrance itself.) This is a great summer scent! July 16, 2014
All Blueberry! All Day! Berrylicious hits the spot when it comes to fragrance. I agree that it is not Blueberry Scone repackaged, though I did purchase it with that in mind. I am extremely pleased with the new creation. I absolutely love this scent. An instant favorite! July 16, 2014
I love this product! I was really worried and nervous about them taking away Blueberry scone (one of my favorite scents), but never fear, Berrylicious is here! It smells similar to Scone to me, but it does have a little less "caky" smell. I'm not sure how to explain it.It makes my whole living room smell amazing when I light it. I love this product; I'm going to go buy a few more! July 15, 2014
Not Blueberry Scone Although similar to Blueberry Scone, I detect a subtle difference in the scent of this candle as compared to the latter. I actually like Blueberry Scone a tad bit more, however this candle does not disappoint. It has an excellent sweet blueberry bakery scent. Good throw and nice wax pool. Well worth the purchase. July 8, 2014
Dark, sweet berries! This candle is great! First, I do not think this scent is Blueberry Scone repackaged. Blueberry Scone is a favorite of ours, and trust me, Berrylicious is not it. Blueberry Scone has bread like notes in it and a warmth. Berrylicious smells darker and sweeter, like a boysenberry-blackberry-blueberry blend. So sweet it almost smells like blueberry candy! Berrylicious also has a coolness in the blend, like Summer Scoop has. Berrylicious smells like ripe, plump, prized berries coated in a sugar with vanilla. The throw was strong, almost heavy. Perfect for fall and winter when you want those stronger scented fragrances that make you want to cozy up and dream of warmer days. The blue/black color of the wax is beautiful. I feel like the color of the wax lets you know how rich the berry fragrance is. Just like in real life, the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice! Enjoy! July 7, 2014
Retired scent repackaged I wasn't sure when I smelled it cold in the store but the first whiff of it burning I knew right away this was the retired scent blueberry scone just renamed. So for those of you that liked that scent and was sad it was retired....don't be......yankee did what they do best, took it and renamed it to Berrylicious. July 3, 2014
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