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MidSummer's Night®
Pre-Fragranced Reed Refills
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This item is currently not available.
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Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers & Refills

Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers & Refills are some of the most powerful, longest-lasting room-filling fragrance delivery solutions Yankee Candle has to offer. Providing true-to-life fragrance in an instant that lasts up to 6 weeks per reed, arranging these pre-fragranced reeds in their stylish diffuser vase will free you of your fragrance challenges. Messes and spills are a thing of the past with Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers – there is simply no wax involved or oil to add. How much fragrance you want is up to you: change the intensity by adding or removing the pre-scented reeds from the ceramic vase holder for complete control over your fragrance intensity. Our open-sided vases come in smart, on-trend styles that fit your décor. Our Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffuser includes a décor-enhancing vase and reeds, and Pre-Fragranced Reed Refills packs come in a resealable, scent-locking pouch for efficient, effective fragrance when you want it.

Curate Your Space with Air Freshening Reeds

Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers & Pre-Fragranced Reed Refills appeal to those who like experimenting with fragrance and décor. Loved by decorators and those who are drawn to simplicity with a fondness for minimalism, Pre-Fragranced Reed Diffusers provide a sophisticated look that works well in any space where you entertain friends or enjoy spending quiet moments — the ultimate in curation. Have fun with fragrances like Pink Sands™ to create an island escape, or Beach Walk®, perfectly suited for a beloved cottage or summer getaway, or experiment with fragrance combinations – the choice of intensity and scent is always yours to decide.