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Spiced Pumpkin

Fragrance Oil

Item #1120365


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About Home Fragrance Oil

Infused with natural essential oils, Yankee Candle® Home Fragrance Oil is the purest, most concentrated form of Yankee Candle® fragrance. Use in a fragrance oil warmer to scent a room in just minutes. (.33 fl. oz.)

About This Fragrance

Pumpkins baked in simmering spices of clove, nutmeg and cinnamon, and sweetened with brown sugar.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Citrus, Orange, Nutmeg, Spiced Pumpkin
Mid: Cinnamon, Clove
Base: Vanilla, Baked Notes

Top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent and base is its final impression.

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The Fall oils are wonderful! I collect all Yankee's fragrance oils. I love them all. They are so authentic and the scents are amazing and I don't know how Yankee captures these true to life scents in these bottles! I love my Yankee Soapstone oil warmers and use them daily. I have the new brown vines warmer which just came out and when I put 21-25 drops of this wonderful Spiced Pumpkin scent in it today, in my open living room area where is the main entrance, I could smell the scent of Pumpkins and Spices wafting thru my open kitchen right down the hallway! Also, as I enter my home, I can smell the scent outside the door! I've had so many family members, men and women, tell me when they arrive that the house smells so fresh and clean all the time. I keep telling them it's the Yankee fragrance oils. I do have many favorites and am so happy Yankee has brought out the fall/Christmas scents early this year. I made sure to stock up on Balsam and Cedar, Spiced Pumpkin, Macintosh, Autumn Wreath, and many others as last year my local store sold out so quickly I was unable to grab my favorites. There's something about Spiced Pumpkin and Apple Pumpkin burning on a crisp, cool, sunny day, that just puts a smile on our faces and let's us know fall is approaching! I love the fall and these wonderful Pumpkin scents and the Soapstone warmers get about 5-6 tealight burns with just 25 drops of oil. That's about almost 32 hours of consistent fragrance which my family really enjoys. I love to burn my large jars with an oil to add that extra scent and the whole house smells so wonderful and cozy! Thanks Yankee for these wonderful oils and I can't wait to see the new Holiday scents you have coming out next month! I'll be sure to stock up on them as they are truly wonderful oils to burn when unexpected company comes or just for that quick scent release to jumpstart our favorite jar candles! Great job with Pumpkin Spice. It truly is comforting and smells wonderful! August 19, 2014
strong This is so much stronger than tarts, love it!! I'm gonna add it to my tarts now. :) August 5, 2014
Excellent Fall Fragrance. When it comes to fall fragrances I am very picky. It is my favorite time of the year and I won't waste my time with so-so or disappointing fragrances. With that I can say that the pumpkin spice fragrance by Yankee Candle is one of the best fall fragrances I have come across over the years. I make sure to order plenty every year to see me through the months of October and November. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants the strong scent of autumn to flow throughout their home. October 12, 2013
Spiced Pumpkin Fregrance Oil I use this oil for years now and I absolutely love it, it burn very good, all you need is 10 drops, I hope that the company keep it always in stock. Thank you, Fergusonn July 8, 2013
what happened? I have always used spiced pumpkin as my favorite fall scent. This year I can't even smell it with three plug ins in one room. I even bought new warmers. Is Yankee watering down this fragrance or what? From now on I will buy Bath and Body Works wall flowers. very disappointed. October 16, 2012
not strong enough when i bought spiced pumpkin i imagine it making my house smell like pumpkin pie baking but it only slightly did. i put the maximum amount of drops into my burner but i just didn't get the quality of smell i was looking for . maybe i just got a bad batch or maybe that's about as strong as it gets. its a shame because it does smell good i may just place it in a smaller room good luck! July 26, 2012
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