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Just Plain Clean™

Electric Home Fragrance Unit

Item #1155727


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About Good Air® Odor Eliminating Fragrance

Contains a patented odor eliminating formula that neutralizes odor on contact, leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh air. Easily change fragrance refills in any Yankee Candle Good Air® base Air Freshener. Use to battle strong odors or to freshen stale, musty areas. Perfect for the home, car, RV, office, lockers, gym bags, diaper pails, pet "areas", bathrooms, and closets. Contains one base unit and one fragrance refill.

About This Fragrance

The combination of clean linen and spring sunshine.

Just Plain Clean™ 4.5 5 4 4
Best ever odor eliminator I purchased the "Just Plain Clean" plug-in for apartment odors. It has completely eliminated cigarette and cooking odors. Other plugs-ins just mask over the odors with a perfume fragrance (yuk). The plain clean plug-in leaves a clean, fresh scent while eliminating the unpleasant odors. So far it has lasted 4 weeks and still eliminating. Please do not every stop offering this line of products. I haven't found any line of products that work as well. January 19, 2014
Good Air Feshener This did such a great job covering up cigarette smell. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because didn't last as long as I was told, but did the job well anyway. September 25, 2013
Just plain amazing! The best of all the YC Scent Plugs. JUST PLAIN CLEAN is by far the most pleasing, noticeable, and effective of the Yankee Candle Scent Plugs. The whole line is a remarkable housekeeping masterpiece. My parents recently adopted a rescued dachshund. We love him, he's amazing, BUT he is not *quite* housebroken. He's getting better, but he's done some serious damage to the den and dining room rugs. Despite shampooing the rugs frequently, my dad was being driven to distraction by the dank, musty smell that stubbornly took over the house. Without telling them, I brought over a Yankee Candle plug-in of JUST PLAIN CLEAN and stuck it in a socket that had nothing around it, allowing the full effect of the odor neutralizer/air freshener to be released easily. Plus it was in a high-traffic area where everyone walks by often, stirring up the air and carrying it through the house. I went back to my house feeling hopeful. Well, they didn't notice the plug-in. (The wall it is on is one huge mirror, so it's easily missed, I realized.) What they noticed was that: 1) The bad smell was gone 2) Not only was it gone, but now the entire front of the house smelled "impossibly good." Knowing me as they do, they called and said "What did you DO!?" and I directed them to the wall unit. And the refills stored in the buffet. (I am the Yankee Candle Fairy.)  I thought "They're overreacting, but at least they're relieved." Well, when I next went over, I couldn't believe it. That one little plug-in of JUST PLAIN CLEAN somehow managed to permeate the dining room, living room, and kitchen, and was even detectable in the hall. As soon as you enter the house, you notice a simple pleasant fragrance. It's very friendly and inviting. When a room smells good you're drawn into it. This is effective stuff! It smells, just as it's called, "just plain clean." No strong cottony, laundry notes. No soapiness. No citrusy, herbal, or crisp outdoorsy notes. Just . . . Clean! PLEASE NOTE: Placement is hugely important! Even the most basic Scent Plug unit is rather large and conspicuous. So consider where you are going to put it: you want to make sure it's not blocked by anything, allowing the scent room to grow. If you put it behind the couch, for example, you will not get the results I did from putting it out in the open. They do sell decorative units as well as the basics. I think the overall effect it will have on the comfort of your living space far outweighs any decor disruption it may cause. Worth it! So worth it! January 13, 2013
Just plain clean! Just like the name! Its strong enough to kill kitchen orders and musky orders in my basement. I keep one plugged in kitchen and even kills the smell of fish after i cook it. You can smell my apt from doorway. My neighbors compliment the smell coming from my apt. I keep one in the basement storage, no more musky smell. It doesn't fade. I love it! My place smells clean and fresh. November 23, 2012
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