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Burn Time of Up to 15 hours


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About Good Air™ Odor Eliminating Fragrance

Contains a patented odor eliminating formula that neutralizes odor on contact, leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh air. The wick will safely extinguish once all the wax is consumed. For best burn, use a votive holder that completely "hugs" the candle

About This Fragrance

The fresh, watery scent of cool morning dew.

Up to 15 hours

Premium-grade paraffin that delivers clean, consistent burn all the way through.

Premium quality ingredients with natural essential oils create distinctive true-to-life scents

Lead-free, 100% natural fibers, and hand straightened to ensure it is centered for the best burn possible.

Just Plain Fresh™ 4.4 5 14 14
Kudos from a Pet Owner! I bought quite a few of these during the $1 votive sale and wish I had bought more. I put these in my home near the cat box and you wouldn't even know I had a cat. The throw on the votive is really strong. I could smell it when I walk into my house. Reminds me of clean laundry. These also work great for smelly foods(garlic, onions etc). August 10, 2014
This product is everything as described, "GOOD AIR" I have used this candle for a long time and it is excellent for eliminating odors after cooking fish or garlic. I also purchase GOOD AIR in the "Just Plain Clean" scent, which is the blue candle. I have had many friends, family and neighbors ask me what brand they are and they have purchased them, as well. July 27, 2014
Just What I Wanted I needed something for a friend who has a pet in her basement . This candle covered the "pet" odor perfectly. I had previously shared a concentrated spray with her and she was pleased, so when I aw these candles, I knew they would work perfectly. Besides,the "clean" smell from the candles last much longer than a spray mist. July 24, 2014
Bathroom It works excellent for bathrooms specially when you have 3 teenage boys. Always keep the bathroom smelling fresh July 3, 2014
Remove smoke odor I use these candles daily to remove cigarette smoke odor from my husband’s study room. I also place one or two candles in my vehicle, the closet and bathroom; you do not have to light the candles for them to work. They are good for removing fish odor in the kitchen also. The candles neutralize the odor on contact, leaving a fresh fragrance in the air. These candles eliminate odors in 15 to 20 minute when burning, and is the only odor eliminating product that really works. If you have a smoker in your house and for those who still cook their food, this candle is a must- have. May 19, 2014
Too strong We live in a 1500 square foot condo. I purchased four of the votives. Sealed in their wrappers and three separate zip baggies, they permeate the whole place so badly I can taste it. I had to put them outside. April 29, 2014
Absolutely unbelievable candles I just made a purchase of several votive candles, different fragrances, but the GOOD AIR green candle is magnificent...I burn 1 on my kitchen stove and my entire home smells so fresh and inviting, my neighbors are now asking me what is that in your home that smells so fresh, and I have to laugh I have 3 cats, so we know it's not the litter box hahahaha...But seriously, it's amazing to me how one little candle can radiate throughout the entire house...I have tried many different brands of candles, Yankee is by far the best, people say they are rather expensive, but it's true you get what you pay for, I've been duped many times with opening a jar and it smells divine, come home light it, and nothing, just a flicker of light is all it produces...I've decided that Yankee will be my Christmas gifts for my sister in law, niece and neighbors, you can't go wrong giving these products as gifts...Thank you so much Yankee you stand true to your products... September 5, 2013
This is truly an odor eliminating candle! These candles really work to eliminate bad odors! A while back, we had a possum get into the crawl space under our house and die there. We didn’t know the carcass was down there until the smell started coming up through some of the duct work the possum had dislodged. Even when the carcass was removed and the duct work was repaired, the smell was still awful! I had recently bought some fall and winter fragrance candles at my local Yankee Candle store and had noticed these odor eliminating candles, so I went back and bought a half dozen of the votives. Within an hour of lighting them, the air smelled noticeably better, and within three hours, we couldn’t notice the “icky” smell at all! I burned them for a few hours a day for two more days to guard against any lingering odors. Thank you for great product that delivers as promised! September 2, 2013
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