Everyday Metal Silver Scroll Illuma-Lid® Jar Candle Topper Larger image

Everyday Metal Silver Scroll Illuma-Lid® Jar Candle Topper

Illuma-Lid Jar Candle Topper

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About This Accessory

Practical as well as decorative! Made exclusively for Yankee Candle®, these jar toppers are specifically designed to reduce the effects of drafts. Simply place a lid on a jar candle and it will help the candle flame burn steadier while allowing superb distribution of the scent.


  • Designed to Fit: Yankee Candle® large and medium Housewarmer® jar candles
    Note: Illuma-Lids® are not designed to fit our Tumbler, Perfect Pillar, or Pure Radiance™ candles.
  • Optimal Fragrance: The openings on all Illuma-Lids® are designed to allow for optimal scent throw.
  • Longest Burn Time: Unique shape allows the flame's heat to be retained inside the jar, helping to liquefy all the wax for a more complete burn.
  • Decorative Accent: Easily change out Illuma-Lids® to coordinate with every season.
  • Exclusive: Exclusively from Yankee Candle®.

About This Collection

A simple, yet elegant statement of style! Designed exclusively for Yankee Candle®, these sculpted metal candle accessories add a distinctive, refined touch to any setting. The ideal complement for any candle fragrance.

1.125" H x 3.375" Diameter

Everyday Metal Silver Scroll Illuma-Lid® Jar Candle Topper 4.4 5 21 21
Best of the Three Illuma-Lids I Own! I own three Illuma-Lids, and this one definitely does the best job at blocking out drafts, as well as keeping the wax pooling evenly. Plus, it looks very classic, and it doesn't look out of place on any type of candle! If you only want one Illuma-Lid or have never tried one before, I suggest trying this one out first. June 14, 2014
Illuma-Lids are wonderful for candles Truly, I never knew how much I needed this candle cover. My candles now burn consistently with no waivering flame, or black soot. When I blow out the candle, the wax is evenly melted, and hours later the wax has dried smoothly. No more, deep holes in my candles! Yea! And the candle cover is just beautiful. Believe me, I'll be buying more of the Illuma lids for gifts. May 5, 2014
no "lip" so it falls off candle jar. this lid had no "lip" so it doesn't fit on the candle jar it just sits on top and continually falls off with every "bounce" when someone walks near the candle. won't buy this lid again. the flat ones with a "lip" work much better. May 4, 2014
Enjoying the "Revision" of This Lid I purchased this lid about a year ago and promptly exchanged it for another. While the design was really pretty it would sit lopsided on all my jars. I looked at this lid again in the store and noticed that the (re)design of the lid was similar to another domed shaped lid that I had recently purchased. There is the addition of "little feet" on the underside of the lid that seems to allow it to sit evenly on top of the jar. That addition seems to have done the trick! This is now one of my favorite lids for both style and function. I love the lacy design, I'm able to obtain a full was pool #unless we have extremely cold days#, and the scent throw is terrific. This is now my go-to lid! March 17, 2014
Absolutely beautiful and it works fantastic!!! This "Metal Silver Scroll" is so wonderfully done, and what a beauty to look at. It works so well, that I bought a second one of the same. My candles burn even, with no black soot on my ceilings, and wow, it really does a 100% excellent job. I see air moving my candles, but with this on top, no more dancing flames back and forth against the jar. January 27, 2014
So Beautiful! I absolutely LOVE this one! It's so beautiful and looks so feminine to me. I bought 2 when I saw it! My only complaint about ALL illuma-lids is that they have not made them larger to fit my favorite candles - large 2 wick tumblers :o(, I really wish Yankee would consider this... November 25, 2013
Great I love this illuma-lid! it looks great with everything and my candle burns great!! I want to buy another! November 17, 2013
My go-to illuma-lid Illuma-lids have made a huge difference in how well my candles burn. They develop a nice, full wax pool easier with the use of one. This illuma-lid is my favorite because it's decorative design is appropriate to use year-round, covers the mouths of jars more consistently than the flat illuma-lids, and develops better wax pools than the flat illuma-lids. November 2, 2013
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