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Illuma-Lid Jar Candle Topper

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About This Accessory

Practical as well as decorative! Made exclusively for Yankee Candle®, these jar toppers are specifically designed to reduce the effects of drafts. Simply place a lid on a jar candle and it will help the candle flame burn steadier while allowing superb distribution of the scent.


  • Designed to Fit: Yankee Candle® large and medium Housewarmer® jar candles
    Note: Illuma-Lids® are not designed to fit our Tumbler, Perfect Pillar, or Pure Radiance™ candles.
  • Optimal Fragrance: The openings on all Illuma-Lids® are designed to allow for optimal scent throw.
  • Longest Burn Time: Unique shape allows the flame's heat to be retained inside the jar, helping to liquefy all the wax for a more complete burn.
  • Decorative Accent: Easily change out Illuma-Lids® to coordinate with every season.
  • Exclusive: Exclusively from Yankee Candle®.

About This Collection

A simple, yet elegant statement of style! Designed exclusively for Yankee Candle®, these sculpted metal candle accessories add a distinctive, refined touch to any setting. The ideal complement for any candle fragrance.

1.125" H x 3.375" Diameter

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LOVE THIS QUIETLY ELEGANT JAR TOPPER I am so pleased with this topper. It is so much prettier in person and looks perfect on jar candles and I also have used this on the large Radiance Collection. I ordered three but YC forgot one but I am sure they will send. Since I keep especially my Radiance candles out and want one for about six candles so am ordering more. I had ordered 2 other toppers that were more decorative and although they are very nice this one is still my favorite. July 29, 2014
Gorgeous, lovely detailed leaves This Gold Leaves Illuma-Lid is a beautiful gold color with lovely detailed leaves. It's perfect to make large jar candles burn more evenly which allows the candle to last longer. This accessory is a perfect compliment to any candle. June 13, 2014
Very Classy! I went to my local store yesterday planning on getting some large jars of Macintosh along with the new absolutely beautiful Enchanted Garden jar plate with the beautiful sculpted tree and the birds all around it and not only is it so classy and beautiful, it has green, lilac, gold, blue and other colors that reflect the lit jar so beautiful, and as I was checking out and thinking if I forgot something, I had all these jars and the plate, and the Macintosh oil and spray, I looked at the plate and thought I don't have an illuma lid to match!! They are mostly all silver except for my Home Sweet Home lids which do not match the plate! I was happy to see my local store had many of these Gold Leaf illuma lids in stock. The store clerk who knows me so well said wow that lid looks beautiful with that plate! She said it brought out the gold color on the plate so I did buy two of them and plan to get another 2 as I like to put 2 large jars out at all times in my front rooms and one in the back. I love the fact it has a lot of openings to allow for more scent flow distribution as I don't like to purchase the dome shaped lids that are very closed in on the top. I do love my Home Sweet Home lids very much and they are beautiful as ever and also a lot of openings and my next favorite is the Live,Love,Laugh flat lids as they are very open on top and work excellent as well. But I have to say, something about these gold leaf lids just look so classy and I love the fact you can use them year round. It looks so pretty with my Macintosh jar on the kitchen table with the new Enchanted Garden plate. Yankee did a good job with this lid as it is simple but elegant and has a good weight to it and it sits perfectly flat on all jars. Sometimes, I find that the dome lids fall to one side or are wobbly so I always take the lid in the store and check it on a jar before I check out to make sure it's perfect and this one is so elegant. Prettier in person than on the website. I would recommend this lid to everyone it's so pretty, it's my new favorite next to my Home Sweet Home illuma lids. It's nice to see Yankee came out with some new classy looking lids that work superbly for keeping the wax warm, allowing more scent to come thru and keeping the annoying drafts away in the spring when all the windows are open! I am very happy with this purchase and can't wait to go get another two of them tomorrow as they won't last long in my local store! Thankfully, I called the manager and she put 2 aside for me today so considerately when I called so I'll have 4 of them, one of which I can give as a gift to my sister in law who I turned on to Yankee Candle as well and she never understood why I had these lids on my jars! When I explained what they were for she said wow no wonder your jars burn so clean and even! She really needs one so I will surprise her and drop one off to her to go with the wonderful jar we both love Home Sweet Home and she will love it. It not only goes with her decor, this lid matches any decor. Thanks Yankee, keep this one around, it's so pretty in person with the detail of the black color inside the leaves. Also, it matches every one of my large jars. As a matter of fact, this lid matches any color of any candle! Especially the Soft Blanket pretty white jar and the Midsummer's Night black color, WOW! Really brings out the black color in the leaves. Sorry for the long review but I have had bad luck with a few of the lids in the past that have little ledges on the bottom and some were defective and kept falling to the side and was very annoying. But this one, and the Home Sweet Home are excellent lids that really do the job better than the other 10 lids I own! Sometimes, certain lids don't work well but all of these work wonderful and also will look so beautiful with the new fall line coming out! Cannot wait for those new scents. Thanks Yankee, VERY CLASSY and ELEGANT and works SUPERBLY! May 11, 2014
Just like the description The description says it very well on this one. Simple, yet elegant. Not over-the-top, yet not plain. It's classy and perfect. Works very well, nice weight, good quality, nice color. Looks beautiful on all of my green candles and I think it would look nice on florals as well. I am back to purchase more of them. April 25, 2014
Classy This lid is classy looking. It can be used for Spring, Summer and Fall. I just got the last one at my store. I find that these lids do keep the candles burning evenly, because they keep the heat in and the draft out. April 2, 2014
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