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About Home Fragrance Oil

Infused with natural essential oils, Yankee Candle® Home Fragrance Oil is the purest, most concentrated form of Yankee Candle® fragrance. Use in a fragrance oil warmer to scent a room in just minutes. (.33 fl. oz.)

About This Fragrance

A Christmas Favorite. The festive scent of a freshly cut tree, brought home tied with twine to the top of the car, then set in its base to let its fragrant boughs fan out, is a sure sign that the holidays have arrived. This wonderfully nostalgic blend of balsam, aromatic cedar wood, and juniper berry delivers that fresh forest scent and a world of delightful holiday memories.

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My favorite scent from Yankee Candle. My favorite scent from Yankee Candle Co. The only place to buy it and be guaranteed to get the full scent. December 10, 2013
Unbelievably scented like a fresh cut pine tree (even better!) I always buy large jar candles and tarts but I recently purchased an oil warmer and several oils as I always have a large jar burning in the kitchen and sometimes like an extra kick as I get with the tarts while cleaning and cooking. But in the evening, the oil warmer is wonderful while watching a movie without having to burn a tart. (I find burning the tarts in the daytime better as they are wonderfully strong and get many compliments when company comes over or while cleaning). I cannot believe the Balsam and Cedar Scent is Yankee's best holiday scent as it smells exactly like the name and is 100% authentic and hopefully they never change this formula. I stocked up this year on this one and the plug ins as last year my local store sold out so fast. I bought 2 large jars which last for months and 5 plug ins, tarts, and this very fragrant oil. I just lit my warmer this evening in the living room and my husband said it smelled wonderful. I put 21 drops in the warmer which does not look like a lot but believe me you may only need 10 or 15 drops of this oil as I could smell it throughout the living room kitchen and down the hall. I have Home for the Holidays burning in the kitchen as it contains balsam and cedar and this oil compliments it so well I am so impressed as over the summer many of yankee's customers and myself were complaining that we could not smell the candles anymore as they have gotten so weak. I'm so happy they left this scent alone! The only way I can describe it is the scent totally smells like a fresh cut pine tree and the plug ins are as authentic as the balsam and cedar oil and candles. You don't even have to burn a candle when you light this oil. It scents the house wonderfully, and thank you Yankee for making a scent that we can actually smell! November 13, 2013
it won't come out of bottle No matter how I try this stuff is hard as heck to get out of the bottle and into the warmer. I have ended up with it on my table, which it ruins the varnish. I love the scent just can't enjoy it as it is all still in the bottle. December 14, 2012
Wish these were larger The smell is exactly like the name. These bring that fresh outdoor tree smell indoors, received many compliments from women and men.I order extra when I have a cupon code:) November 10, 2012
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