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Autumn Gathering

Jar Candle Shade

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About This Accessory

From seasonal charm to everyday elegance, jar shades complement our classic large and medium jar candles to accent any room with the perfect touch of style. Plus, they help reduce drafts so that the candle flame burns more evenly.

About This Collection

The rich colors of fall, hand painted on this shade, are enhanced by the elegant glow of flickering candlelight through the crackle glass. This jar shade complements our classic large and medium jar candles and helps reduce drafts so that the candle flame burns more evenly.

4"H x 6 W x 6"D"

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Autumn Gathering Shade The shade enhances many fall colored candles especially the new Berrylicious candle; extremely decorative and colorful. August 26, 2014
Be sure to use on the jars, NOT tumblers I saw this shade in the store and decided on a whim to get it, I'm not usually into these kinds of things and just have the metal rings that sit on top. I was just so drawn the tasteful harvest theme and the cracked glass. I got it and right away lit a candle that just happened to be the large tumbler with two wicks, it fit just fine so I didn't think anything of it. Then, 3 hours later, we heard a POP. Sure enough, this gorgeous shade had cracked down the side from the heat. Stupid me had thrown away the receipt, but I decided to try and exchange it anyways, it was $20 after all. The girl inside greeted me right away like they usually do and I explained what happened. She was very nice and exchanged it without "judging" me like other cashiers tend to do. She did explain that these shades are meant for one wick jars, the heat escapes directly from the wick to the top of the shade. The two wick tumbler created too much heat and even charred the shade. So, my advice to everyone is, be sure to use these on the jars not the tumblers, even though they fit. I'm also very happy with the customer service I received at the store. As a side note, as a previous reviewer mentioned, I have noticed a slightly less "throw" with this shade than my metal rings. Which is fine with me, I'm able to keep the burning candle in the same room I'm in without being overwhelmed by the scent, usually I'd have to stick it out in the hall. August 23, 2014
STUNNING WITH TASTEFUL AUTUMN PATTERN I just received this Autumn Gathering Crackle Shade and it is just beautiful and an exceptionally tasteful shade. I love the gold edging. It looks stunning even without a candle lit. in. The crackle pattern is awesome. I had ordered two shades, vase and two larger tea lights and am so glad I did. This shade looks great with my other fall accessories and excellent used in those in between months leading up to fall. I love the blue berries with my Midsummers Night Candles. Looks good with so many colors. My only concern is the shade top opening is on the smaller side. I hope it lets enough fragrance through. I will update with an answer. So glad I went with this one new Fall design. August 9, 2014
This shade is so gorgeous! I went to my local store and on the side on display I found this beautiful shade with my favorite scent Macintosh and the beautiful glass clear basket weave candle tray set up. I was walking around the store and this piece kept catching my eye and it was beautiful with the candle lit and the flickering light showing every detail and colors it was just gorgeous. They only had 2 left and it was getting busy in the store so of course, I grabbed the whole set along with another Macintosh large jar which is one of my very favorite scents to always have in my collection. This set is beautiful in person and the crackle glass is gorgeous! I also have many, many Macintosh large jars, Candied Apple, Macintosh Peach, etc. I bought this set for my large oval kitchen table and had to set it up right away and when I lit my apple candle today, it was so beautiful to see the flickering candlelight which really brings out the beautiful blueberries and all the colors within the shade. I was so surprised how elegant this shade looked and it's perfect with the basket weave candle tray. I love matching sets and this piece is heavy, sturdy, and wonderful for all year round use. It makes the candle burn so wonderful with an excellent wax pool and no drafts and a wonderful scent throw! My husband and family were coming in and out of the house and kept saying " is that a Yankee Candle shade, it's so beautiful, it's one of the prettiest pieces we've ever seen" I was happy of course everyone keeps noticing it upon entering my home and my husband loves it as well. He said it was classy and loved the way it makes the large jar burn so evenly and makes the candle last a really long time. The scent was flowing throughout my open floor plan and as evening approaches, the light flickering is stunning. Yankee always makes such unique pieces, I have 3 shades with the dragon and butterfly shade being another quality piece but this one has that wonderful crackle thick glass which just stands out in a room. This piece being blueberries and branches and the red colors in it is an excellent piece to use all year round. My local store only had one more left and I'm hoping they get more in stock as I have to get one for my sister who also loves Yankee's jar shades and I know this will be her first crackle glass shade as she could not stop looking at it and saying how classy it is. This piece is great quality and grabbing a couple for Christmas and/or Birthday gifts along with the candle tray, will put a smile on anyone's face and they will always remember you when they use this shade as it really is one of the most elegant I've seen at Yankee. Thank you Yankee, and maybe you could make some more shades in the crackle glass as they are so beautiful that everyone who sees it falls in love with them. The craftsmanship on this shade is beautiful and very well done with the best quality we could ask for! Oh, and of course, I had to grab another Macintosh large jar as the red berries in the shade look so pretty with all my favorite apple scented large jars (Macintosh Spice, Macintosh, Candied Apple, Macintosh Peach, and many others!) Thanks again Yankee for making such a beautiful shade that isn't so large it doesn't cover up the scent throw, it's perfect. The scent is flowing into my computer room as we speak! I do recommend this shade to everyone, especially if you'd like a shade which can be used all year round it's perfect! August 9, 2014
Beautiful! The Autumn Gathering shade is fantastic! What a great buy for fall! I love the dark contrast of the barriers against the golden leaves and the small red blossoms. So many fall decorations are pumpkin based. I love that this shade looks autumn-like, but incorporates a different theme. The crackle glass shows off the flame wonderfully! The shade is great at stopping flickering of the candle and it almost completely reduces soot on the jar of the candle. Easily washable with a damp sponge and mild soap. August 9, 2014
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