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Up to 15 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
Perfectly bewitching for Halloween, the spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli casts a captivating spell anytime of year. Always mysterious and endlessly earthy, patchouli has a centuries-old history as a scent that is simultaneously relaxing, uplifting, and soothing. All of which makes this natural fragrance, which Napoleon first brought from the Egypt to France, an ideal ingredient for a spellbinding brew.
About Samplers® votives
Perfect for fragrance layering and sampling new scents, our Samplers® votives offer numerous decorative possibilities when used with one of our many votive holders. Sold individually, each one comes wrapped and labeled.
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Witches' Brew® Scented Candle 4.6 5 11 11
Finally found my fragrance! I was having a hard time finding the scent "Witches Brew" as it only seems to be available during Halloween. I was able to buy some on sale and stock up. The scent is very close to Patchouli and I burn my candles all day long. I love your candles! February 2, 2014
One of my favorites Great throw, very spicy. I wish it wasn't just a holiday scent. Great all year round. Try it! February 1, 2014
Great candle & scent, but not for me. I am reviewing this votive as I believe it had a wonderful scent throw, especially for a votive. The scent did not really appeal to me, and was way too strong for me (I am sensitive to certain fragrance's and suffer from migraines). Besides my personal preference, this small but powerful votive, filled up my large bedroom (15x15) within the first 10 minutes of lighting the candle. The scent also lingered for a long time after extinguishing the votive. I have smelled Yankee Candle's Patchouli before, but I have to say that Witches Brew is much stronger and has a better scent throw. January 21, 2014
Perfect for pumpkin votive holder This went well with the pumpkin votive holder! It is a pleasant candle and a fragrance we enjoyed. November 4, 2013
Well, at least Halloween is still Halloween! This candle has been a fav of mine however sorry to say it just isn't what it used to be and in general none of the Yankee scents quite seem to be anymore as they appear to be lacking a certain... something. Is this just a sign of their changing times? Anyway, the scent, Witches' Brew, is just ok now and when before in comparison, the scent lingered and held as well as had good footage throw none of which are present now. And I LOVED it before, now, well, no thanks. Even a season ago this candle was...stronger. I will not purchase again. October 17, 2013
Very strong throw, pleasant scent. Perfect for a spooky ambience. I was browsing Yankee candles at a local store earlier today and came across Witches' Brew, decided to pick up a votive and give it a try. Patchouli was never really a favorite scent of mine, but something about this candle smelled...intriguing. Upon lighting, scent began to fill the room almost instantly, I was very surprised! The throw was much stronger than the medium jar of Pumpkin Patch I recently got. I could smell a musky earthiness along with the patchouli, and it very much reminds me of Halloween. I'm currently reading a Terry Pratchett book about witches, will definitely be burning this next time I read. :) October 5, 2013
Rich and Sexy Fragrance The scent of patchouli adds some excitement to any ordinary room. Try one Witches Brew with several Wedding Days or Loves Me - Loves Me Nots for a naughty/nice effect. One Witches' Brew votive fragrances a whole room. October 1, 2013
Spooky, and very pretty. Creates a spooky ambience. I smell a lot of sweetness and some patchouli & musk. There is nothing strongly floral or feminine. This is the perfect candle if you're watching a scary movie or reading a Stephen King novel in any season. The way this hits the senses is chilling, other reviewers say the same thing. "It really is like what a witch would brew." It's a season-less, pretty scent. September 11, 2013
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