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About This Fragrance
Remember those sweet summer days of childhood innocence when the backyard was big enough to hold all your adventures? This nostalgic fragrance, with its warm breeze of soft flowers and fresh green fields will bring you back to those happy days. The fresh, green notes call to mind the outdoors and remind you slow and appreciate life's little moments. This scent, with its sweet, young floral essence, is anything but old-fashioned despite its nostalgic tendencies.
About Samplers® votives
Perfect for fragrance layering and sampling new scents, our Samplers® votives offer lots of decorative possibilities when used with one of our many votive holders. Sold individually, each one comes wrapped and labeled.
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Summer Wishâ„¢ 4 5 19 19
Nice, but too weak This is a really nice scent, not overly floral, bright and fresh. As other reviewers have said however, the candle really has a weak throw. Its scent is very localized and weak. November 4, 2013
Love the smell but.. Wish it was stronger. It's a breeze kind of smell, which I enjoyed. Reminds me of windy evenings when I was a kid playing outside, grew up in the country so I could smell fields, woods, the stream down the road, dusty lane. I like it a lot but had little throw. September 1, 2013
No throw; too subtle This has a pleasant perfume like scent, but it lacks throw. Just not strong enough for me. If you favor something lighter, this is it. September 1, 2013
Very fresh and subtle scent I tried this as a sample and couldn't really smell it too much. So I am going to try wax melts of it. I absolutely love this scent it is so clean and fresh. If I am going to spend the $$ on it I better smell it allover the house! August 5, 2013
This candle smells great! I love the scent of this candle. It just fill the entire apartment and is just strong enough for you to know it is there. It reminds me of picnics. June 17, 2013
I like it! I'm currently burning this scent. There was a 100% chance of rain in the forecast today and it is raining now. We've had a rainy month. So, I chose to burn this candle. I'm definitely wishing for summer! Name aside, I like this fragrance although I think it could be just slightly stronger. It is a light scent with lemon is what it smells like to me. I find it refreshing in a subtle way which is actually perfect for burning late spring/early summer. I hope that YC continues to make this candle as I would buy it again! May 27, 2013
Fresh This is one of my many favorites of YC it smells so fresh not over powering at all. I suppose if you are looking for a strong scent this isn't for you but I absolutely love it! May 21, 2013
Was really excited about this one... I love candles! I love YC and have always gotten my money's worth and been very satisfied with their scent selection and throw quality. With that said, I was very disappointed with this scent. I gave it a 3 only because of my satisfaction with YC and their candles in the past. When I buy a candle 3 things influence my decision. First if ordering supplies or candles offline, if the scent description grabs my attention then i will give it a try. Second, if the description has anything to do with nature, i buy it, and if if buying in store, the scent/throw have to be strong and long lasting. This candle; to me, smelled more like citronella that grass and fresh flowers and it was so soft i couldnt smell it once lit and burning. i had placed in my bathroom; which is average size, burned it all day, and still couldnt smell it. My husband, who had been gone all day, couldnt smell when he got home. Anyone who likes SOFT scents and citrusy (citronella) would probably like this one. Just not a scent for me. April 9, 2013
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