Soft Blanket™

Tarts® wax melts

Up to 8 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
Wrapped in sweet dreams . . . a lullaby of clean citrus, luxurious vanilla and warm amber.
About Tarts® wax melts
Simply place in a Tarts® wax melts warmer (never add water) and light an unscented tea light below, or use one of our electric warmers. As the wax melts, the fragrance is released. Mix and match scents to create your own personal aroma blends.
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Soft Blanketâ„¢ 4.7 5 25 25
Not What I Was Expecting... I only smelled faint traces of the citrus and vanilla. It was mostly just amber, which is not a scent I'm entirely fond of when it's on its own. I did not get a clean or fresh impression from this melt. Perhaps it's the name, but I was sort of hoping for a warm sheet smell to contribute to the "blanket" part. It didn't have the best throw either. Oh well. I can see a lot of other people like it, so it's probably just a personal thing! To each his own. March 12, 2014
Perfect Scent for Bedrooms-Smells Like a Clean,Soft Blanket Tried this recently for first time to try something different as liked what I read in other reviews. This is the perfect scent for bedrooms & bathrooms as it has that smell you get when you've just washed your bedding, taken it out of the dryer & are making your bed back up-clean, fresh sheets & blankets! That's also what makes it a perfect scent for bathrooms. My husband has problems with any of the stronger scents in the bedroom as he finds them too overwhelming & gets headaches when they are on the strong side-I burned a tart a few hours prior to us going to bed & he actually asked if I had washed the bedding when he walked in the room-when I told him it was a Y.C. tart, he was shocked & said it was perfect for his taste for the smaller rooms, especially where we sleep. The teddy bear snuggled in a blanket on the front of package is the best depiction of how this smell makes you feel----another one I will stock up on next time they go on sale! February 26, 2014
best night sleep ever!!!! I love this scent!!! It was so soothing!!! I am definitely getting a large candle for my bedroom!!! My husband has bad sinuses and it didn't even bother him!!! Such a clean and soothing scent smells like clothing straight out of the dryer or of the line in the summer air!!!! And I love the label to the bear is to cute!!! February 12, 2014
One of YC's best fragrances So clean and calming! It's great to have melting on your house cleaning days. The throw is great and fills most of my home. I don't find it smells baby powdery at all, but you do get a hint of the powdery amber scent. If you like the fresh/clean scents like Fluffy Towels or Clean Cotton, and the powdery kind of scent like Napa Valley Sun give this one a shot. You won't be disappointed. February 4, 2014
Don't think twice, just get this scent! Such an amazing, clean, relaxing scent. The throw is awesome on this tart. Loved it so much I ordered a large jar. The scent is strong, but not overpowering. I've burned it a few hours before going to sleep and it helps wind me down. It even gets me in the mood to lay down with a soft, freshly washed blanket, warm from the dryer! January 28, 2014
soft powdery new baby scent this reminds me of a newborn baby after its first bath not quite a baby powder scent but softer clean scent perfect for a kids bedroom January 5, 2014
Amazing Scent, In Love This smells exactly as you would imagine a brand new babies nursery to smell. And bonus, it is minus all the not so pleasant smells that come with a nursery. One of my favorite scents from yankee candle! November 8, 2013
love this fragrance This is one of my favorite tarts scents. It doesn't remind me of baby powder at all. The vanilla and amber are more warm and romantic. I also don't understand the 8 hour time frame. I have literally burned one tart for over 30 hours and it's still not used up..... It lasts and lasts. I am happy with the reg. tarts. All you have to do is put in freezer for about 30 minutes and the wax pops out if you want to change it out. No need to buy more expensive jar shaped ones. Love!!! August 17, 2013
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