Wax Melts Warmer

5" X 3.5"
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About This Collection
Enjoy your favorite fragrances in style anytime . . . classic decorating is always in season with these versatile accessories, carved from natural soapstone. Designed exclusively for Yankee Candle® and perfect for any décor or season, they complement any of our candles
About This Accessory
Available in a range of styles to fit every season and design, these warmers let you enjoy the exceptional fragrancing of our Tarts® wax melts. Great for mixing and matching scents to create your own personal aroma blends.
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Soapstone 3.5 5 8 8
Looks Beautiful, But..... When I first saw this in the store I had to get it! It was so beautiful and very well made...I was so excited being that it was my first in store purchase...Unfortunately though I ended up returning it because whenever I'd put a tart in, I could never smell anything at all. The electric warmers are WAY better! July 31, 2014
This product has problems! I was very unhappy with the Soapstone warmer. It is very hard to remove the Tart wax melt from this warmer. Also, the Tart fragrance doesn't fill the room with this warmer. I have several electric warmers which works much better! I am very disappointed with this product :-( June 2, 2014
This product is well made but it is very difficult to replace the wax tart I bought this product in the black finish.The look is very nice, and it is heavy which made me feel like I found a great bargain at the price I purchased it at. I was very happy with my purchase up until the point where I had to replace the wax tart.I have a few other wax warmers one being the wine bottle one which I love and to replace the wax tart is very simple. All I do is put an ice cube or 2 in the plate and the wax slides right out within a minute or 2.The plate on this item is very thick which takes way longer to even melt the wax for fragrance compared to the wine warmer i just mentioned and replacing the wax is problematic.The ice trick doesnt work on this item and i burned myself when i realized the only solution left was to melt the wax and pour it out in order to replace.The plate became extremely too hot to touch,and using oven mits was awkward because of the size of the plate. I wish they designed this plate as they did the other items such as the wine holder, because then this product would be perfect. January 15, 2014
Very Nice Very elegant warmer. Made well and works great with tarts and tea light. November 7, 2013
Love the Soapstone! I have 3 or 4 of the YC soapstones and the quality is fantastic on them real heavy and durable and look great I never have any problems of my tarts not melting, like some other reviews have stated. Keep these coming YC!! August 24, 2013
Its so cute! I love this tart warmer! It's so cute. It can go with any season, which is a plus! The fragrance from the candles is great too! I would totally recommend this to anyone! August 9, 2013
Season Neutral I love this waxmelt Warmer! It is great for every season. It can easily be transformed for any season. I have never had any problem with warming issues as posted by another reviewer. I am actually contemplating purchasing another. Great buy! August 8, 2013
Should have stuck with glass I purchased this product a couple weeks ago (and of course some of my favorite tarts) and couldnt wait to go home and try it out. I was extremely disappointed! It took forever for the tart to melt even though I used the unscented tealights I purchased from YC and once it did melt I barely got any fragrance from them. I think that by the time it melted I had to change out the tealight to a new one. I usually purchase the all glass tart burners and I think I will have to go back to using my old one. I will say that it looks very pretty. Just wish it was worth the $15 I paid for it to just sit on my counter unable to be used. August 5, 2013
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