Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle

Large Tumbler Candle (2-wick)

Up to 85 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
One of the joys of fall is the delicious scent of pumpkin pies baking in the kitchen. You can enjoy those delicious notes anytime without slaving over the stove. You sniff and you know you're home. This fragrance brings to life the fresh baked, edible notes of sweet pumpkin, nutmeg, molasses, cinnamon, and a hint of apple in a buttery crust. Serve it up any time!
About Large Tumbler Candles
Enjoy classic Yankee® fragrance in a clean, versatile design that complements a wide range of décors. Featuring a brushed metal lid, our large 2-wick Tumbler Candle makes a perfect gift for any occasion.
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Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle 4.1 5 7 7
Couldn't Be Better! This is one of the best Pumpkin scents I've purchased (and must admit I've purchased many). My large tumbler has a great throw, pool, and scent--perfect blend. Hubby agrees! Please don't discontinue Pumpkin Pie!! October 13, 2013
The new wax looks like it came from a discount store. :-( I am very unhappy with the new wax that Yankee is using. It's a solid, smooth color; looks like it came from your local discount store. Yankee Candles used to smell better and look beautiful and different than other candles. That's why I was willing to pay more for them (and I purchased a LOT of Yankee Candles!) The fragrances aren't as strong and now they look like every other candle. I don't think I will be purchasing Yankee Candle jars any longer. :-( February 3, 2013
Not much of a fragrance. I was a little disappointed as I don't think the candles have the fragrance of the last "Pumpkin Pie" candles I purchased from Yankee Candle. You can hardly tell you have one lit. I'm hoping the next one I try will have more fragrance. November 26, 2012
Very pleased with this purchase. Great aroma. Great fall aroma. Makes you remember being home growing up and your Mom in the kitchen cooking pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving. November 11, 2012
Bring back the old 'formula' I've been burning yankee candles since the 90's. My cabinets are stocked like the's crazy, but I love them. I go through multiple large jars every month, and I've been burning Pumpkin Pie since August...was ready for fall early :) So many of the scents set the 'tone' for events...Christmas, fall, Thanksgiving, many great scents. However, the new soy based? candles that are supposed to burn cleaner, don't burn cleaner at all, but they burn quicker, have less scent, completely liquify with still a good bit of the candle left which allows the wick to move towards the glass, melting the label, making the candle too hot to touch and obviously blackening the inside of the glass. PLEASE look at other options. Something that burns 'cleaner' is great, but so was the stronger scented original option that didn't liquify so quickly causing other problems. Also, have you thought about an online candle line that allows the customer to customize with their decor? So if I was decorating in all red for Christmas I could order Christmas Wreath in red. Or even offer some of the more popular scents in white that goes with everything. Just a thought. October 23, 2012
Best candle scent ever! Pumpkin Pie has been my favorite for years. The scent is so enjoyable and comforting that I don't think I could ever get tired of it. August 24, 2012
This one is my Favorite This one will make your company think you are baking Pumpkin Pie's July 19, 2012
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