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About This Fragrance
An intoxicating blend of island plumeria, jasmine, tuberose, and citrus.
About Tarts® wax melts
Simply place in a Tarts® wax melts warmer (never add water) and light an unscented tea light below, or use one of our electric warmers. As the wax melts, the fragrance is released. Mix and match scents to create your own personal aroma blends.
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Plumeria 4.6 5 11 11
YES!! I had always enjoyed the earthy scents like fireside, mountain lodge, the bayberry's and cedar like fragrances. As of late I am doing the florals and this is one of my Faves. I swtch up and still burn my earthy scents but I like the florals in my bathrooms especially I have a tart warmer that I either bought or made, in almost every area of my house It is rare you will find one empty (: August 2, 2013
WONDERFUL fragrance..very enjoyable..... I've always been pleased with my YANKEE CANDLE purchases. . And the manner in which they are packed and shipped is excellent. VERY secure... June 23, 2013
Did not car for this at all-reminded me of candy! I bought this on sale & because of other comments. I am one that loves lilacs, lavenders, jasmines & gardenias, however, plumeria DID NOT smell "flowery" at all to me-it reminded me of candy-too sweet I think. I have never returned an item & I called to find out how to exchange this one which is a first for me. If you tend to go for the same type of scents I do, I don't recommend plumeria. June 23, 2013
KD5562 This tart has a very nice relaxing scent. It's not a hard scent or real strong scent. May 26, 2013
Pure Tropical Blossoms Plumeria is my signature fragrance. I'm SO delighted to find this amazing version by Yankee Candle. the tart fills the room and scents the halls and adjoining rooms without being too strong or distracting. A sweet, summery, tropical fragrance, it is very close to the real Plumeria blossom. I fear that Yankee does not carry this all the time, so I may be obliged to stock up. If you don't carry it year-round, I ask you to do so. This is a scent that is seasonless. Truly fresh, smooth, and delightful, never too sweet. Goes with any décor or home, modern or traditional. Definitely in my top three favorite scents! Give it a try! May 19, 2013
A major find! I have just now discovered this one. It's wonderful! My only complaint is that it (and jar candles) are not available all the time. Please reconsider. April 16, 2013
OPEN YOUR HORIZONS TRY PLUMERIA YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE!!! I Basically tried this sent like 6 years ago, I love floral so anything floral I will try once, I gave PLUMERIA a chance and at first burn did not really liked it at all, It was a floral unique to me I never smelled anything like it, so my nose was not used to it, I put it away for a couple of weeks and forgot about it, came back to it, waited a couple of hours for the pool to start and found myself liking it, loving it, In fact. it was the most unique beautiful scent I have ever smelled, I bought jars and jars of PLUMERIA. this is now one of my top 5 scents from Yankee. Moral of the story don't give up on a scent if you don't like it the first time you might like it the second time. OPEN YOUR HORIZONS March 31, 2013
If Kauai Were a Yankee Candle Fragrance Yankee Candle scores huge on this fragrance. What a wonderful scent. I purchased a large jar some time ago and decided to use it as sparingly as possible. Because it's not always available, I'm a freaking miser with this one. I shave a teaspoon worth of this heavenly candle off the top and use it in my tart warmer ... rarely. It's Frangipani in full bloom as you take a moonlit stroll past the Little Green Church in Hanalei. Intoxicating, romantic, exquisitely exotic. November 17, 2012
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