Pink Sands™

Scent-Plug® Refill Single

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About This Fragrance
It's an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.
About Scent-Plug® Refills
Now available as singles for mixing and matching your favorite fragrances! Enjoy authentic true-to-life Yankee Candle® fragrance 24/7! Such a convenient way to have room filling, continuous home fragrance in multiple locations. Scent-Plug® Diffusers with fresh new designs and colors are also available.
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Pink Sands™ 4.8 5 13 13
Pinks Sands is Loved by Everyone I own a retail destination and we use Pink Sands in the store to scent the air. Just about every customer will comment on the scent and ask what it is, male or female. Like all Yankee Candle scents, the smell is natural, sweet, sometimes candy like. I love it. It enhances my mood too! July 3, 2014
Favorite Smell from YC! I love this YC smell its my favorite, I have the scent plug in my bathroom, and the oil fragrant spheres in my car. I leave the bathroom door closed that way the smell just stays in the bathroom, I get a great wiff of it when I first walk in since the plug is by the door and after being plugged in for awhile it really starts to fill the room. April 3, 2014
Smells sweet and fresh. I bought this one for teenage daughter, really wish I had bought one for myself. It's a light sweet scent. Not too strong but I can smell It in the stairwell when my daughter's bedroom door is open. I really like It. She really likes It as well. March 26, 2014
Smell's so good!! I really love pink sands!! My husband is a smoker and it really covers the smell. I would recommend pink sands to anyone. Beach walk is also a really good one.Everybody that comes over to my house,says they love how it smells. There is nothing like walking into a room,that has a fresh steady smell good smell! I love yankee candle!!! February 11, 2014
Clean and fresh with a little sugar That's my best description of pink sands. I absolutely love this scent in plug ins my house smells amazing!!!! A must have not over powering but is not week either a perfect mix of scent for me!!! February 6, 2014
Beautiful but not heavy scent. Pink Sands has got to be my favorite scent! I like a lot of the other scents, but love this scent! Its scent is clean, soft, noticeable, without being over powering. I love to use the plug-ins and the tarts, my whole townhouse smells so fresh and inviting! I've received a lot of compliments about how my home smells, delightful! Now if it only came in a perfume!! September 15, 2013
I'm a believer! I was hesitant to buy pink sands as a plug in scent because I am not a big fan of the fresh type smelling scents (I am more of a food/spice/fruit type scent kind of girl). But after pink sands, I am a believer! It's a great scent for the entire year and I can see why it's one of the top staple scents that Yankee Candle sells. Call me crazy but this scent reminds me of a twist on Bahamas breeze and clean cotton or fluffy towels. Might sound strange but I think its because it mixes fruit and floral notes. Either way I love the combination! July 4, 2013
pink Sands Love the Pink Sands fragrance!! Even better, stronger in the plugin. Love that I smell Pink Sands throught my house, what a happy spring scent!!! March 21, 2013
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