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Man Candles

110 to 150 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
The cool, golden aroma of a freshly poured draft beer.
About Large Jar Candles
Limited Time Only! The traditional design of our signature jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that's always at home. Convenient and easy to use, our large Housewarmer® Jar Candle provides 110 to 150 hours of true fragrance enjoyment.
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SARCASTIC DELIGHT I went into the Yankee Candle store looking for a laugh. I had heard about the Man Candles and I just had to see- and smell- for myself. I giggled myself silly over Man Town (what even is that supposed to mean? Man Town?) and guffawed at Camouflage, but then I smelled this candle. It smelled warm and rich and almost like caramel. My eyes opened wide. Surely I didn't actually ENJOY a BEER-SCENTED CANDLE! It took me by such surprise that I actually bought it. August 15, 2014
More like a Shandy to Me… I LOVE this candle! It reminds me of when I was in London, UK about 10 years ago and drank Shandy (a 50/50 mixture of a lager beer and “fizzy” lemonade, aka Sprite, etc.) for the first time. I absolutely LOVE that drink but finding it true to form in the U.S. is difficult, at best, even in what we call Pubs. I think that might be why most of the more positive reviews are based out of the U.K. as opposed to the U.S. as this candle smells more like a shandy mix than a beer which is perfectly OK with me. I’ll probably end up buying a second one to burn and keep one to say “YES! Yankee DID sell a beer candle once!”. August 7, 2014
A pub in a jar! Imagine walking into a pub on a hot summer day after a long walk on the beach, this is that smell. Fresh punchy and hoppy, as refreshing as a pint. True to life scent, one of my favourites now which will carry me into winter if lit along with a woody smokey scent for the pub wood burner, and hey presto a winter pub! August 3, 2014
ok Bought for friend, who thought it very amusing. Smells great. Very expensive as a novelty product though. July 13, 2014
As the wax melts, the scent disappears We bought this as a Father's Day gift. On "cold" sniff - brand new (unlit) - it smells exactly like a frothy mug of beer - hops, malt liquor, and a light crisp fruity/fresh scent. I thought it'd be perfect for my husband. When lit and the wax is warm and as it began to melt, it was very light and mild. As it's gotten past the half-way mark, we can't smell anything. Also, the wax melts poorly. Not even an IllumaLid can get it to a nice wax pool. Disappointed. I know I could return but the jar is over half-way gone and I don't feel right about bringing it back in. We will finish it but On Tap will not be a repurchase. June 20, 2014
Love it! Wasn't sure about this one when I first saw it, but would highly recommend it. It's got a great throw which fills my entire kitchen and living area and I love the scent. I was worried it would smell like stale beer, but it smells lovely, just like a fresh pint! June 2, 2014
No Maybe good for some, but not me. What's next? Ashtray scented candles? May 30, 2014
Looks lovely Bought this last week smells lovely and strong Has a distinct smell of hops like a freshly pulled pint. Very true to life scent. Need another for the collection :) May 29, 2014
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