MMM, Bacon!™

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110 to 150 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
The undeniably mouth-watering aroma of sizzling bacon.
About Large Jar Candles
Limited Time Only! The traditional design of our signature jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that's always at home. Convenient and easy to use, our large Housewarmer® Jar Candle provides 110 to 150 hours of true fragrance enjoyment.

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MMM, Bacon!™ 2.5 5 53 53
Stinks! Wow, this is about the strongest candle I've ever smelled. Too bad I don't like the smell. It is very overpowering, and I love highly scented candles. It's the scent that's the problem. I did not return it because I bought it on sale, and it wasn't worth my time and money to return it. I didn't give it a poor rating because if you like the smell itself, you'll like this candle, and I haven't burnt it yet so I can't comment on the burn. I plan on burning it in the fall with maple candles. It's so highly scented I could probably store it for a decade until I find other candles that will go with it and not be overpowered. Then again, that might take a decade. March 6, 2014
Bacon Overload! First, let me just express my absolute love for bacon--I adore this stuff, so I was looking very forward to receiving the 2 "Mmm, Bacon!" candles I ordered. Almost immediately upon opening the box, the smell made me a bit nauseated. I decided to give one a try by lighting it up, but it made my home smell like the Beggin' Strips I give to my pups. These candles would make a great novelty gift, but I wouldn't recommend them for anything else. Thankfully, Yankee Candle allows its customers to exchange them for a scent they love, so we'll be doing just that! February 26, 2014
Who doesn't love Bacon? I debated on this candle for several months before I bought it. When I did buy it, I couldn't wait until Saturday morning when we were going to have a country breakfast, which naturally included bacon. I really liked the fragrance from the candle. It smells even better than taking a sniff of the candle. So we have a new tradition, we burn our MMM Bacon candle every time we have bacon for breakfast. January 25, 2014
Buy the Big Bacon candle instead of the small one. We made a mistake by buying the smaller bacon candle and the scent is just not strong enough. We will buy the larger candle next time. Love the bacon scent. MMmm. The only way this product could be better is if they would add a hint of maple to the scent...bacon + maple...good times... maple waffles and bacon. mmmm. January 1, 2014
Try it before you order it! It's really impossible to say whether this is a good scent or not. Personally, I don't care much for it and it doesn't have the scent of bacon in my pan in the morning, but many people really disagree. If you are considering buying this, I HIGHLY recommend that you go smell for yourself. It's interesting and I definitely give YC props for making such a unique scent. December 17, 2013
Ewww bacon!! This scent is absolutely horrendous! It does *resemble* bacon a bit, but not in a good way. It literally made me gag and made me feel nauseated. Maybe somebody else could enjoy it, but not for me! November 6, 2013
What a fun scent! I hesitated to buy it too...It took me a couple of times smelling it in the store before I was convinced. I always liked it, but LOVE so many other scents. I finally decided to purchase it and boy am I glad! The throw is fantastic. I can smell it all over the house :) IT'S BACON!!!! October 23, 2013
It's a novelty... give it a try! Of course it doesn't smell like actual REAL bacon... it's a candle, duh! If the candle was made of bacon grease, then maybe it would (LOL) but seriously, it's a pretty awesome candle to buy as a gift for any bacon loving friend or loved one. Have fun with it! I hate that the reviews are so harsh on this... it caused me to delay trying it for quite a while! I'm glad I bought it finally. It's a hoot!!! I'm not disappointed it doesn't smell as though actual bacon is being fried up, common sense told me it wasn't going to when I bought it. It does however smell like yummy bacon bits. It's strong and the throw is amazing... it's just all around FUN to burn! October 16, 2013
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