Meyer Lemon

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About This Fragrance
A bright and sunny citrus. . . perfectly ripe, with a naturally sweet and refreshing scent.
About Scent-Plug® Refills
Now available as singles for mixing and matching your favorite fragrances! Enjoy authentic true-to-life Yankee Candle® fragrance 24/7! Such a convenient way to have room filling, continuous home fragrance in multiple locations. Scent-Plug® Diffusers with fresh new designs and colors are also available.
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Meyer Lemon 4.7 5 34 34
The BEST FRAGRANCE EVER! Meyer Lemon is the BEST fragrance on the planet! I constantly compliments on how good and fresh my apartment smells...I've got plug-ins in every room and each one is Meyer Lemon. I love it..I will always use it to deliver fresh and clean fragrance to my home. Thank you, Yankee Candle! Toni June 29, 2014
Better than a lemon cream pie! This is such a wonderful, fresh, authentic fragrence. Nothing artificial about it at all. I use this in the kitty cat's bathroom, it's perfect, offering just enough scent without being overpowering. I keep it on the lowest setting. April 20, 2014
Sunny warm days! This plug-in makes my house smell incredibly fresh and clean, and I love using it in the summer as it does not smell "fake" or at all like "Pledge." It has a very authentic sugary lemon smell, almost as good as my mother-in-law's home-made fresh squeezed lemonade! March 8, 2014
Smells like Pledge Eh, I wasn't impressed by this. Ever since Tangerine Vanilla was discontinued, I've been on the lookout for some other citrusy fragrance to take its place. This was not it. I like Pledge and use it on my furniture, but I don't want my entire house to smell like it. February 11, 2014
INCREDIBLY FRESH AND CLEAN! I love lemon in my candles. Anything with lemon I love. Although I have never tried the Meyer Lemon Candle, as I go with scents that have good throws and on the stronger side and I'm not sure if the Meyer Lemon is too light as I have large open rooms. But, I saw all the wonderful reviews which are helpful when your not sure about a product and I purchased 4 of these 1 for bedroom, hallway, kitchen, and living room. I only had to put the level on 2 (I guess that's medium# and I can smell lemon all over my home. Also, everyone including my husband always say's wow, I smell lemon, it smells clean! I love when I get a good scent that everyone compliments because I've had a few duds in my day. But back to this plug in, fabulous, so fresh, clean and in the bedroom when you go to sleep you can smell the lemon and it's so authentic it smells real. It helps me go to sleep actually! Anyway, I'm very happy to have bought these plug ins as I always have Yankee plug ins in my collection and have about 20 #4 of each kind of my favorites) and this has to be my number 1 fragrance in the plug ins. For anyone who loves lemon, try this fragrance. You will not be disappointed at all and it lasts a long time. I only put mine on medium and I have large open rooms all around the house and it smells like fresh lemons and also, smells great with all my fruit and fresh fragrace candles. Meyer Lemon plug ins are by far the best I have found yet. I like Pink Sands, Beachwalk, Clean Cotton plug ins which I have but I am going to stock up on these. This scent will make your home smell lovely and everyone will notice. It's funny I used to buy the store plug ins and no one ever noticed the scents. I switched to Yankee plug ins and everyone always has a compliment. I am a very loyal customer and am buying Yankee products all the time and yes I get carried away but a fresh clean scent makes you feel good, energized, and happy. I think I'm going to have to buy this large jar of Meyer Lemon. My husband and I are in love with just the simple plug ins! I'd like to have the candles around the house of this scent and I highly recommend Meyer Lemon plug ins for anyone who wants their home to smell clean and fresh! January 20, 2014
Great for pet odor We bought 3 different fragrances, but this Lemon is a miracle worker. We have indoor dogs and we plugged in 2 in the "dog room." It was so overwhelming, we had to move 1 of the plug-ins out of the room. The scent can be smelled throughout the house and knocks any odors out! Super strong, but smells great without being sickening sweet! December 7, 2013
ONE OF THE BEST PRODUCTS I'VE TRIED I have tried all the plug ins - without mentioning names - more expensive and less expensive but I have never been more pleased with any of them as I am with Yankee Candles Meyer Lemon scented plug in...the lemon smell lasts for the entire time that there is liquid in the container and the smell is recognizable, not like the other plug ins that I have used that have a sweet sickly smell to them. This smells like lemons. I love this product and will continue to use it so please, please never discontinue it. November 3, 2013
Powerful sent I would highly recommend the Meyer lemon plug in. We have it in the "litter box room" and it has been a miracle. The fragrance is a pleasant clean lemon scent and it kicks the stinky cat box smell right out. I will definitely be picking up more of this plug in. October 15, 2013
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