Merry Marshmallow™

Jar Wax Melts

Up to 8 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
For the kid in all of us, we've created a marshmallow world for Christmas! This yummy fragrance will help you find happiness in a delightfully luscious and creamy soft concoction of marshmallow and vanilla. Indulge your sweet tooth and embrace everything that's sweet about the holidays.
About Jar Wax Melts
Exceptional, fast and easy-to-clean flameless fragrancing. NEW Yankee Candle® Jar Wax Melts are easy to clean! Let the pool of wax cool completely for at least 2 hours then simply push the wax out of the warmer bowl. Use in one of our electric warmers or simply place in a Tarts® wax melts warmer (never add water) and light an unscented tea light below. As the wax melts, the fragrance is released. Mix and match scents to create your own personal aroma blends.
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Merry Marshmallowâ„¢ 4.2 5 5 5
sweet vanilla whipped marshmallow scent it smells just like when you open a jar of whipped marshmallow cream very nice hint of vanilla... nice if you like sweet scents January 5, 2014
Awesome scent; so disappointed with tart!! Well, after my glowing review of my first Jar Tart Wax Melt...I was wholly unprepared for this. First off, the fragrance: It's fantastic. This and Celebrate Christmas are my favorites of the 2013 holiday scents. It has a STRONG throw--filled our whole upper floor with a sweet, sugary-but-not-at-all-sickening, light-and-fluffy marshmallowyness. My problem is that I of course expected this type of tart to pop right out of the warmer, like my Beach Walk one. Imagine my surprise when not once but twice it failed to budge a smidge. This is just like the traditional tart! It's stuck firmly in the cup. I'll have to remove the hanging dish and freeze it, which will hopefully get the thing to drop out...but the whole point of the jar-shaped tarts is supposed to be that you DON'T have to bother freezing it. I also ordered a Vanilla Cupcake one, which I hope will be like the Beach Walk and not the Merry Marshmallow. :( (On that note, I'm melting this in my new kitty-cat furniture warmer! I've always had a thing for cat furniture, but you never see it...thanks for making such an irresistibly adorable, cozy warmer. This one will be my fall/winter non-electric warmer, while my old pet hotel one is for spring/summer! Perfect.) December 20, 2013
So surprised with the amazing throw! I love vanilla scents and I was hesitant to try this Merry Marshmallow scent as I did buy the tarts but also the large jar. I require a strong throw as I have open rooms and high ceilings. Well I gave it a shot after ordering online after smelling it in my new Yankee catalog and I am very surprised. I put the candle on my new Yankee wooden floor stand which holds any large, medium, small jars, pillars or any size candle for that matter and it looks so pretty when burning. I love white candles and I lit this up and I could smell it in my large living room within about 15 minutes and it came into the kitchen and smells awesome of Marshmallow which I love and vanilla of course. I burned a tart in the same room with the jar and the tart smells scrumptious! I love this scent and am so happy I ordered this online and it pairs well with all of my Festive Scents. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a clean but sweet scent and it is true to it's description. Actually when I blow it out I can smell it for about a half an hour after. It's simply a pure authentic Marshmallow scent and I love it. I stocked up on this one as I believe this candle can be burned all year and I think I like this better than Christmas Cookie and that's a big statement for me to say as I love Christmas Cookie but I bought about 10 tarts in this scent. The fragrance simply pairs with any festive scent. Thanks Yankee for this wonderful fragrance and all of your pairing scents advice you have given me! December 14, 2013
Sweet Treat I tried this in the jar wax melt because I'm always reticent to try sweet scents. This one is a winner for me. To me the vanilla is really nice and creamy. The scent is (in my opinion) better and stronger than Campfire Treat. It fills my living room nicely. Strong throw for a sweet smell. I thoroughly enjoyed this jar wax melt. It isn't limited to holidays, either. I would burn this one year round. October 23, 2013
Light but Happy The scent of marshmallows is such a summer and holiday staple, and its pairing here with vanilla gives it a bit of dimension. For me it is kind of a lightweight fragrance to use as a stand-alone candle but might nicely complement something like Pumpkin Pie or another food candle or perhaps something like Peppermint Bark. With a sort of light to medium throw, I would most enjoy it in tart or jar wax melt format. October 23, 2013
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