Fragrance Spheres™ Odor Neutralizing Beads

Up to 45 Days of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
So vividly real you can almost taste the unmistakable crunch.
About Fragrance Spheres™
Use Yankee Candle® Fragrance Spheres™ beads to neutralize odors and leave behind the Yankee Candle® fragrance you have grown to love. Fragrance Spheres™ beads are perfect for use in the laundry room, bathroom, or any room where a candle is not convenient. Fragrance will last for up to 45 days.
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Macintosh 3.8 5 33 33
Love it! Just recently got turned on to these little delights and this one is very fragrant but not overpowering. Nice in the kitchen! January 17, 2014
Good product for a small room! I love this scent for my room! It is small enough to smell the apples everytime I enter and exit the room. If I feel the scent is fading, all that is needed is a quick shake of the jar and the scent returns! I also have taken this to the hospital when I got surgery. Nurses and doctors loved the smell of apples, and many were surprised to see that it was Yankee Candle! The beads let me know when the scent is over but I ALWAYS have a backup when that happens! January 4, 2014
would not buy again Can't smell the fragrance at all --- originally had in bathroom and couldnt smell it so put it in my closet and still no scent. October 3, 2013
Disappointed I purchased two of these for the powder room. The scent maybe lasted one day. Even when I put it right under my nose I could barely smell it. If it's for odor elimination I'm guessing it did a good job, but as far as for fragrance, it's not. September 27, 2013
Smells Good Close Up I bought this for my closet, love Macintosh scent. When I first opened it I thought great. However, unless you are holding the jar up to your nose you cannot smell it. I figured every time I opened my closet I would smell it but you cannot. I also read to shake it to refresh smell. That did not work either. Guess I will have to go back to sachet bags. :( September 14, 2013
Perfect for the office! Fragrance spheres are perfect in my office since one can't burn Yankee Candles at work. I love the fresh Macintosh scent. People who enter the room comment on good it smells. I have just started using this and it is not too strong. I have considered covering it when it's not in use to preserve the delicious fragrance. What a fun way to enjoy Y.C. when you're not at home! September 10, 2013
No smell! Been a fan of Yankee Candle for years so when I saw these I picked up a couple. Sun and Sand for the bathroom and Macintosh for the living room. Sadly, I cannot smell these at all. I asked my husband if he could smell them and he could not. I assumed these would give off a strong scent like Glade or any other are freshener, but they do not. The only time you can smell these is when you’re right on top of the sphere. What I do not understand is how a little car air freshener creates more of a scent then these do. Even though this is probably the most disappointing product from Yankee Candle, my hope is they improve this product to actually scent your room up. September 5, 2013
Love this Macintosh Fragrance Spheres! I like the concept -- no flame, long-lasting. Don't understand the reviews saying they can't smell it. I keep one in my living room, the latest being there now for 4 months. And when you open the front door, you can still smile at this delightful fragrance. This time I peeled the label back halfway the first few weeks. Last two I peeled the label off right away, making the scent a little too strong at the beginning. August 8, 2013
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