Large Tumbler Candle (2-wick)

Up to 85 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
So vividly real you can almost taste the unmistakable crunch.
About Large Tumbler Candles
Enjoy classic Yankee® fragrance in a clean, versatile design that complements a wide range of décors. Featuring a brushed metal lid, our large 2-wick Tumbler Candle makes a perfect gift for any occasion.
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MacIntosh 3.8 5 12 12
Wondeful Aroma I love this candle, the throw is nice and strong, it burns clean, it actually smells like an orchard. A friend came to the house the other day and said that is a wonderful candle!!! March 27, 2014
This candle never fails me Whenever I am at the store and nothing stands out to me I always will go for this candle. It is relaxing no matter what the weather is. It is very strong and has a perfect crisp smell. I usually will burn this with buttercream the two pair perfect it is one of my favorite combos! February 22, 2014
Pleasing scent This candle is a good year-round candle. It has a pleasing, non-overbearing scent and can be perfect for the kitchen or any other room. I give this candle for Holiday gifts too because the red is so festive. December 31, 2013
These do not smell as strong as years past. These new candles do not smell as strong as years past. I purchased new ones ths year and I can hardly smell them. Same for the apple tarts. I had some frozen from last year and they scented my 7 room house, the new one did not even scent the 12 X12 room it was burning in. Returned it all. So sad, it was my favorite. October 20, 2013
This candle smells so good when burning! I've always loved Yankee candles. I grew up in Mass. so have been to the BIG store. I usually buy candles all year and Yankee is the only candles I buy. I love the macintosh scent as well as about a dozen others. October 20, 2013
Macintosh is always a welcome scent in my home I love my Yankee candles! Macintosh is one of my favorites especially in the fall. I love to combine this with the Pumpkin. It burns well and lasts a long time. October 16, 2013
Fragrances are now too weak I agree with so many others. Have been buying Yankee candles for years and years and truly enjoyed them. The fragrance problem has occurred with the wax change. This fragrance has always been my go-to fragrance. Few months back I had to exchange a candle (twice !) so I decided just to go with my old favorite - first one I bought with the new wax and nothing. Disappointing. Every candle I've bought made with the new wax has shown a noticeable decline in fragrance. I knew how they used to smell before and I notice the lack now. I'm now so tired of returning or exchanging their candles that I've stopped buying them. Why mess with a good thing? August 8, 2013
Little good, little bad I love the smell of this candle, and I really do believe that the old wax made the throw perfection and the candle luscious. However, the new wax which is soy based as opposed to the parrafin wax is not NEARLY as good. I understand that soy is a cleaner burn...but the scent is not nearly as strong. And, I have noticed lately the candles lose their scent about half way through. It disappoints me. If I am going to spend 30$ on a candle then please have it be good!! March 18, 2013
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