Loves Me, Loves Me Not™

Home Fragrance Oil

Up to 30 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
A fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be pulled . . . oh, the anticipation!
About Home Fragrance Oil
Infused with natural essential oils, Yankee Candle® Home Fragrance Oil is the purest, most concentrated form of Yankee Candle® fragrance. Use in a fragrance oil warmer to scent a room in just minutes. (.33 fl. oz.)
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Even men like it!!!! This was given to me as a birthday gift. I use it at the office. This is the "ONLY" fragance that "all" the men have complimented on. They all love it!! So I will continue to use this frangrance! August 27, 2013
Wow! When i first smelled this scent, it was like walking into a florist shop. It made me think of bouquets of Daisys . I loved it! It amazes me how Yankee Candle can make scents so true to life. March 7, 2013
Strong, yet, pleasing fragrance! Wish this came in a larger bottle! Scent is very strong and will fill about 2-3 rooms of fragrance. It's a nice pleasant scent, but I do have to turn off the heating element after about 30mins. The scent will linger for a few hours afterwards. Really like this! Just wish it came in a bigger bottle! February 17, 2013
ME LOVES! So beautiful, relaxing, and cute! Great for teens! Apparently a fragrance can be "cute", as well as fresh, floral, relaxing, cheerful, and fun, because LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT is all of those things! Perhaps it's the playfulness of the name and the earnest youthful game that went with it. It definitely takes me back... the one hill on the playground, which was always the girls' territory. It was covered in clover and little wildflowers, and LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT smells like I'm sitting on the hill on a warm spring day, laughing and teasing with my friends, with our plaid skirts full of petals.  LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT makes me smile and even blush a little reminiscing about playing "The Kissing Girls" during recess, when we'd chase the boys around the playground, hill, and field, trying to catch them to kiss them. Iiiiiinteresting game for little girls eh? Not too different from some of us grown ups aka "big girls." ;) (Incidentally, my young cousins say you don't count as "grown up" and not a "big kid" until you live in a house, not an apartmentt and are married. !? LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT is definitely a cute and playful scent. In fact, it's a GREAT scent for TEEN GIRLS! What a wonderful accent to a *slumber party*! The glow from the tealight is just enough for sharing secrets, and the scent is a youthful floral fresh. Much like TRUE CRUSH, the Limited Edition scent from last summer. (So good!) The TEALIGHT lasts a good 5 or 6 hours and it's ok if everyone falls asleep without blowing it out (semi-ok, as lit candles should always be monitored.) ( /safety speech) In HOME FRAGRANCE OIL form, I enjoy the strongest, greatest throw, so much even simple, uncomplicated scents leave a noticeable impression that subtly lingers even when not in use. HOME FRAGRANCE OILS are an effective, mood enhancing, easy to store and transport, and affordable alternative or preview to large jar candles. LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT HOME FRAGRANCE OIL is perfect for anyone with a playful heart, a secret crush, or in need of cheering up. It's a good mood in a bottle! November 29, 2012
Lovely, magical fragrance! I was so surprised the first time I opened the lid on this fragrance. In the oil warmer it is absolutely delightful! Their perfumers have come up with a bit of youth and nostalgia. It's difficult to pin-point the main scent as it is more ethereal and most certainly not common at all. "Loves me, Loves me not" Frangrance Oil has a fresh, light and airy frangrance all it's own. There are absolutely no heavy under or overtones to spoil it. It brings to mind playful days from my childhood. It will remind you of walking through a field of wildflowers soon after the sun has dried all the dew and your hands graze the tops of the petals and, of course, you stop to pick a daisy... It will definitely make you smile with delight when you use it. They've somehow captured the scents I remember as a child - "Loves me, Loves me Not" will transport you back in time - it's magic is all I can say! They should sell it by the gallon! September 10, 2012
What a scent! "Loves me, Loves me not" smells exactly the way a florist shop smells when you walk through the door! It's a wonderful, daisy-like scent that is summery smelling and not overpowering. One of my faves! July 21, 2012
Wonderful fresh scent - excellent quality Yankee home fragrance oils are an excellent quality product. The oil warms up fast and the fragrance stays true for 3-4 hrs, with no burnt oil smell. Loves Me Loves Me Not is like lying in a meadow field of white daisies and fresh lush green grass; a true nostalgic summer scent to enjoy all year round. July 20, 2012
A bit too flowery so I use it sparingly. I love YC oils. The fragrance is almost instantaneous and when the fragrance level has been achieved simply turn off the warmer. So easy and great for unexpected guests. July 19, 2012
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