Just Plain Clean™

Odor Eliminating Scented Beads

Up to 45 Days of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
The combination of clean linen and spring sunshine.
About Good Air® Odor Eliminating Fragrance
Using a patented odor eliminating technology, Good Air® counteracts odors in the air - neutralizing them on contact. Good Air® Odor Eliminating Beads will leave any area smelling fresh, clean and odor free.
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Just Plain Clean™ 4 5 21 21
Absolutely Terrible I purchased this at a Yankee Candle retail store because I loved the idea of "non-flame" fragrance that I could constantly have going. I placed this in a small laundry room and CANNOT smell a thing. It is as if nothing is in there and it was a complete waste of money. I moved it to several other smaller locations in hopes that a fragrance would emerge. The only time I (or anyone else) can actually smell a product is if my nose is actually up against the container. It has only been used for 3 days (not even close to the 45 day mark). Yankee Candle is my "go to" place for all of my fragrance needs BUT this is the greatest disappointment from a Yankee Candle product. I will stick to the large jars next time. December 31, 2013
This is the odor-eliminating fragrance for me! I purchased this product (both the Clean and Fresh scents) to use in my son's car, which has developed an "aged" smell to it. The effect was perfect for his small-cabbed truck and it was a fragrance he and I both could agree upon. While the solid, car air freshener is nice (I got one for my car just because I like the fragrance), I find that the gel beads work best. I love using the satchels in my closet and the room spray works well in the bathroom. Not every fragrance is for everyone. I decided I did not like the "Fresh" scent, but I love the "Clean" scent and I can only hope after the holidays my local YC shop will restock on their Clean fragrance as they were out before the holidays. December 27, 2013
Odor Eliminating at its Best! I purchased this for my daughter's room and it is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Not only did it make their room smell better, but the scent even travels out into the hallway. Great product to eliminate odors! I'll certainly buy, again! December 10, 2013
Just plain awful Smells like chemicals or burning metal, which doesn't strike me as being fresh or clean. The order permeated everywhere as soon as I opened the jar with this toxic, metallic smell. The smell was so repellent that I placed it next to the garbage chute in my building. I figured it couldn't make that place smell any worse. December 6, 2013
Too Overpowering We got this Thanksgiving day at 8:00 P.M. with the baggie if you spent $50, which was easy for my family to do. I received this and opened it, mistakenly taking a huge whiff of it. I have it in my entryway next to various shoes to eliminate any stinky odours. It works fine, don't get me wrong, but I would use it for big spaces instead of bedrooms or bathrooms. December 6, 2013
Totally eliminates odors Bought this for my son's freshman dorm room, he is housed with fellow football players. After a hard practise you can imagine what their room , piled with their dirty clothes would smell like. Smells clean ! Visiting friends cannot understand how they manage it ...... needless to say, we stock up on it when we can. December 4, 2013
Freshens like no other I recently helped my daughter clean out a house that had been vacant for a couple of months. Needless to say, the smell wasn't pleasant. I lit this in a basement room after cleaning the walls, and when I tell you within an hour, the place smelled like I had scrubbed all day, I'm not kidding! It's great for pet smells, too! September 16, 2013
The Best Product Line In The Market- Outstanding!! Just Plain Clean is absolutely amazing in its own right, but above all- the whole product line of Good Air by Yankee Candle, is the absolute best on the market! My house has never smelled so clean in particular from these beads. Before anything else and using them, a good thing to remember before using these products in your home or car is to thoroughly clean both your house and car. Then, use this product. It will take over from there and you will be able to smell it and odors will disappear. It really does work!! They work very well in my car in the holder used for a cup of coffee, etc. I just punch out a few holes in the aluminum so it will last longer. The best features of this product is the versatility I have over it. It can be used in my closet, bathroom, kitchen- even on top of my dehumidifier! You can't go wrong with Good Air, Just Plain Clean! The price is great and gets the job done! September 1, 2013
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