Green Grass

Large Tumbler Candle (2-wick)

Up to 85 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
Nothing says summer like the familiar, heady scent of a freshly cut lawn.
About Large Tumbler Candles
Enjoy classic Yankee® fragrance in a clean, versatile design that complements a wide range of décors. Featuring a brushed metal lid, our large 2-wick Tumbler Candle makes a perfect gift for any occasion.
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Green Grass 4.2 5 17 17
Freshly mowed and watered lawn Last year I purchased Fresh Cut Grass, and while it did smell like a lawn just after it's been mowed, the scent was so strong I couldn't enjoy it. This candle improves on that scent by cutting the strength with a water-based scent. The result is a smoother, more pleasant scent of a freshly cut and watered lawn. I absolutely love it - I originally ordered it in March, have already reordered it twice and will do so again! June 20, 2014
NIce clean, summer scent I love this scent -- not overly grassy, just a hint of cut grass. Nice clean scent. I have the 2 wick tumbler and my only complaint is that it doesn't throw the fragrance much. I wish it was a bit stronger - when you enter the kitchen where it's burning, you get a faint whiff and think "mmm, what smells so good?". But I wish I could smell it in the next rooms as well. April 19, 2014
Summer morning.. The smell of grass, freshly mowed. It's right on with the fragrance! May 16, 2013
A Welcome Breath of Spring! I adore the Green Grass fragrance and so I splurged and bought the large 2-wick tumbler. The 2-wick give a stronger scent. The Green Grass definitely shouts Spring is Here! April 2, 2013
this candle has a beautiful color this is a wonderful smelling scent. it brings spring right into the house!! my one concern is the wax. it doesnt seem to be of the same texture as the candles i normally get. is this candle made of a different type of wax? April 1, 2013
superior There's a foot of snow on the ground but it smells as though we've just mowed the lawn. March 18, 2013
Enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass any time of the year. Green Grass is so realistic you will believe you have windows open and a breeze blowing the great smell into your home. March 17, 2013
Freshly Mown Grass....Mmmmmmmmmm I guess everybody's olfactory senses aren't perfect, so perhaps they really couldn't smell this candle. However, I along with others, find it absolutely wonderful!! Even though I'm up in years now (74), I can still recall playing in the newly cut grass as a little girl. Such a wonderful memory. This is exactly the fragrance of the grass. If you are like me, you'll love this candle. I bought two of them this time just in case YC decided to pull it from their inventory. What a horror that would be! January 26, 2013
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