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About This Fragrance
Gingerbread houses and gingerbread men are delicious childhood memories that we love to revisit every year. The aroma of spicy warm gingerbread rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar will instantly return you to those carefree days when the holidays were always full of wonder, joy and tingling anticipation.
About Tarts® wax melts
Simply place in a Tarts® wax melts warmer (never add water) and light an unscented tea light below, or use one of our electric warmers. As the wax melts, the fragrance is released. Mix and match scents to create your own personal aroma blends.
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Gingerbread 4.5 5 17 17
Smells more like generic baking I only purchased one Gingerbread tart to try it, and I'm glad I only bought the one. It has a great throw and it does smell nice, but it just smells like sweet baking/spices. I doubt that anyone walking into the room would say "wow, smells like gingerbread in here". I personally enjoy YCs other spicy baking scents better (like Spiced Pumpkin, Kitchen Spice, Milk & Cookies). I would highly recommending just trying it as a wax tart before committing to anything larger. December 18, 2013
Great Scent This is one of my favorite winter fragrances. It's warm, sweet, and spicy. You can really smell the gingerbread spices and the brown sugar. It reminds me of the gingersnap cookies my grandparents always had. It brings back a lot of good memories. It's really quite perfect. This tart is one of those that you can burn for a really long time. I usually break tarts into thirds or quarters and I can get nearly a weeks worth of fragrance from this. I love this so much that I have a large jar, too! December 15, 2013
Not a fan of the scent. Strong throw, lasted for a decent amount of time, but overall didn't love the fragrance. My husband who normally loves gingerbread disliked this scent as did I. It just has a weird undertone to me. November 21, 2013
What a great scent. This is right up there with pumpkin buttercream my favorite. The throw is great, It smells like I am baking gingerbread.Will order at least 10 of these on my next order. November 18, 2013
Smells good enough to eat! This is by far my favorite spicy holiday fragrance. I am burning one for the 2nd time (each tart lasts through 2 or 3 tealights) and it smells delicious! Highly recommend this one if you like spicy scents! November 17, 2013
Just Like Homemade Gingerbread! This tart smells exactly like homemade gingerbread cookies baking in the oven. The ginger, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, brown sugar, even hints of molasses, you can smell all the ingredients and warmth of real gingerbread! It throws very well, too. November 11, 2013
Great for the holidays The Gingerbread scent is perfect for the holiday season. It reminds me of holiday baking with Grandma, and decorating our gingerbread house every year. Scent seems to last a pretty long time, even though I only use 1/4 or 1/2 of each wax tart at a time. Definitely recommend it. October 20, 2013
Absolutely wonderful tart This tart is my absolute favorite. It brings back memories from childhood and the smell is pure to the other words, the fragrance doesn't alter...just fades away. It is wonderful as a candle, too, but the candle has a slight celery odor that the tart doesn't. I usually buy these in bulk all year round! February 24, 2013
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