Damask Scroll

Jar Candle Shade

4" X 6"
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About This Collection
Our exclusive Damask Scroll accessory collection lends a classic elegance to any interior design and any room in your home. The ceramic pieces with raised patterns will complement any color offering you limitless options when decorating.
About This Accessory
From seasonal charm to everyday elegance, jar shades complement our classic large and medium jar candles to accent any room with the perfect touch of style. Plus, they help reduce drafts so that the candle flame burns more evenly.
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Scroll design is more beautiful than picture! I love jar shades but didn't have much luck with the ones with the very tiny opening on the top as I have large rooms. The one I have I had to put away which is beautiful, but all the scents I tried with it I could not smell at all as I think the Jar Shades with the tiny holes on the top are made for smaller areas and with high ceilings such as mine, I believe the scent was just tunneling upwards towards the ceiling. So, when I saw this jar shade and plate in the new catalog, and it looked like it had a large opening on the top, I went to my local store and it was much more beautiful than in the catalog. The design of this is a beautiful cream color with a tan color in the raised scrolling design which makes this beautiful in any room. I am surprised how Yankee made the scroll design on the plate and I checked it in the store with a large jar as some plates with designs make the jar fall crooked and not flat. Well this scroll design on the plate which this review is for both the shade and plate, the candle sat perfectly as Yankee made the raised scroll design so the candle sits perfectly flat. I was so happy as they only had 2 sets left although they are knew I had to buy it and see if I had more success with this shade and when I got it home, the opening was nice and large on the top and also, along the bottom of the shade where it sits on the top of the candle, also has holes on the bottom of the shade which I hope will allow more distribution of the scent and I wish Yankee would make their jar shades more open on the top like this one. It is beautiful and matches anything, creams, browns, tans, mostly any décor. I love the fact it has more openings on the top and the bottom lid which sits over the candle and I hope it allows more scent to come thru. I put it on my large kitchen table and it is so pretty in person and very classy looking! Yankee did a great job with this collection which you have to see in person as it's more beautiful than the picture can show. Thanks yankee for making a shade with more openings to allow more scent to come thru instead of the small tiny openings on the top which does not allow the full scent to come thru. I just lit my candle now and am hoping I have more success with this shade than my last one. Although the new spring shade accessories are very beautiful, I just require a larger opening on the top and this shade the whole top is open and makes it look even more beautiful! I recommend this to everyone and while I was in the store buying this a customer even came over and said "I want that one too" and she bought the last one. She said this set is beautiful and I love the opening on the top and the holes on the bottom for a nice distribution of scent. Hope this works, but if not Yankee does have an excellent return policy but I'd hate to return this as it's probably the most well made nice heavy set. Very well made Yankee! Thanks again. January 31, 2014
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