Clean Cotton®

Fragrance Spheres™ Odor Neutralizing Beads

Up to 45 Days of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon.
About Fragrance Spheres™
Use Yankee Candle® Fragrance Spheres™ beads to neutralize odors and leave behind the Yankee Candle® fragrance you have grown to love. Fragrance Spheres™ beads are perfect for use in the laundry room, bathroom, or any room where a candle is not convenient. Fragrance will last for up to 45 days.
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Clean CottonĀ® 3.9 5 28 28
Great product great scent I love this smell. It is like the dryer is going constantly in my house. The Meyer Lemon scent is great too. May 5, 2014
I always thought Clean Cotton was a can't go wrong fragrance I can't recommend anything you can not smell unless you're on top of it..Did you change the formula .?? No throw at all.! Sorry March 28, 2014
Fragrance Spheres Great for Small Spaces I use these in bathrooms. They are great to hide in a corner or put out on display. They are only good for small spaces or you will need more than one. One would not be enough for a master bathroom only a 1/2 bath or small kids bathroom. I have had some that are really strong and others that aren't as strong. But I still love and use them. The holders you can buy for them are fun and can be festive. I wish they would come out with more styles and colors to match bathrooms or other living areas. I typically buy these when I have a coupon and need to spend an extra 5.00. These are also great for stocking stuffers! November 19, 2013
Perfect for a Closet I purchased this fragrance sphere with the task that it would keep my coat closet smelling fresh, and it worked! The container is small and does not take up a lot of room. The beads are very fragrant and have been for 30 plus days. My closet smells better thus my boys coats smell better too. I will purchase four more, two closets, one for the basement and a mudroom. November 9, 2013
This product is fantastic! SOLD OUT - please supply more! We bought a "smelly" old camp two summers ago. After a thorough makeover with lots of scrubbing with soap, bleach and water, then primer and two coats of fresh paint everywhere and then new flooring, I discovered this product by accident in my local Yankee Candle store. I started with 4 and placed in the corners of our bathroom and master bedroom. Well, loved the smell so much, I bought 8 more and placed them in cleaned/bleached kitchen cabinets, corners of the closets, behind every door and in all corners of our camp. What a delight when friends visit and say, "What is that smell? - This place smells amazing!" I shared my secret and now see that this product is sold out! Please supply more soon :-) I need to stock up!! November 9, 2013
Love this Scent I have 2 Clean Cotton Fragrance Spheres in my linen closet and they are fabulous. Strong fragrance but not over powering. September 5, 2013
Just what I wanted I've had one of these in both bathrooms for about a week now and I love it. Yes, the scent is very very mild, but I did not want something that slapped you in the face before you even got into the bathroom. It is very efficient in removing odors, not just masking them, and that is what I got it for. I've given it a little shake now and then just to stir it up a bit and that does release a bit more fragrance. If you're looking for something that will give you the same intense fragrance of a candle, this will disappoint you. But, if you want it to be an odor destroyer, like I did, I think you'll like these. September 3, 2013
Stuck in the middle!!! I love the Clean Cotton fragrance. In my opinion, it is a very strong scent. I have Clean Cotton candles, oil, room spray - pretty much the entire line. I love how it makes my house smell like I just did laundry! It's a very "clean" fragrance. I was thrilled to see the fragrance Spheres because sometimes you want to scent a place that you wouldn't dare light a candle - like a closet or a vehicle. And if you have children, lighting a candle can prove to be dangerous. I put my first jar of Spheres in my car and was excited to see how it smelled the next day. I was a little disappointed! For such a strong scent in it's candle or oil or spray form, there was very little scent in the Spheres. And it's not like the scent wasn't there when I opened the jar up - it was actually pretty strong. The scent throw just doesn't have enough power. I put one in a bathroom, the laundry room, and one in our kitchen by the garbage can. Each of the fragrances were great when the jar was opened, but lacked any scent afterwards. And you really can't smell it unless you're right near the jar. I gave this 3 stars because...even though it has a faint scent throw, the product itself lasted almost a month. I like that it is a NO FLAME product and made in a plastic container <no worries about breakage>. My drop in stars in due to the barely there fragrance. When buying a candle, you want it to's pretty useless to get a scented candle that has no scent! I wish YC could figure out a way to make these throw more fragrance. I would definitely buy lots of these then. As it is right now - I wouldn't purchase this again. Sorry YC! August 6, 2013
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