Clean Cotton®

Home Fragrance Oil

Up to 30 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon.
About Home Fragrance Oil
Infused with natural essential oils, Yankee Candle® Home Fragrance Oil is the purest, most concentrated form of Yankee Candle® fragrance. Use in a fragrance oil warmer to scent a room in just minutes. (.33 fl. oz.)
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The Fragrance Oils are the Perfect Way to Extend the Life of Other Products I got this fragrance to experiment with using it to lengthen the life of the wax tarts & it really does. I also found putting a couple drops on the cardboard ultimate car fresheners gives them such a lift they smell like new. I've read others who say they end up taking the little plastic cap off cause they cannot get it to drop any oil out-be patient, it will! I just had had to get the hang of what level to hold it & then just tap it with another finger-once you get one drop, it easily drops however many drops you want to use. I put about 4 drops in a used wax tart & I get another 6-8 hours of what smells like a new tart. I got the Clean Cotton scent because they don't sell this in the Soft Blanket fragrance & use it with my Soft Blanket wax tarts-the scents mix fine. If I want to give a BIG boost to the once used tart, I'll cut 1/4 off a new tart & use 4 drops of the oil-I've actually got TWO extra burns off of the original wax tart doing this. I will most definitely stock up on these when they go on sale again. Another GREAT idea is to drop the oil on the cardboard car fresheners which I use in closets & in small rooms, like my 1/2 bath. The oil soaks right in within seconds & then put the cardboard freshener wherever you use them & enjoy the fresh, "you can't miss", smell that fills your closet, bath, car or wherever you use the cardboard fresheners at. 2 uses for this bottle of oil & if you just take your time & master getting the drops to come out, they last a LONG time & make other products last longer. I only hope they decide to make this in the Soft Blankets scent. Using the oil on the Ultimate cardboard Car Fresheners & the wax tarts your entire home gets that fresh, clean, smell no matter where you go.If they make an oil that is the same as your most used tart &/or cardboard Car Freshener, or, like in my case, you find an oil that blends well with the scent you use, I'd recommend getting the oils to get more use therefore saving yourself some money without giving up any of the air freshening fragrances we all love! April 29, 2014
Summery I have been really getting into the oils lately as I am such a huge candle junkie I liked that I could explore other options for all the amazing scents Yankee has to offer. I absolutely Loved mixing this with Bahama Breeze. It mixed into such a clean refreshing fragrance. Oh a side note to Yankee Candle, please, please make Soft Blanket in the oils. :) March 5, 2014
The very best for inviting guests- MORE PLEASE! I adore the simplicity of scented home fragrance oils (HFOS) - they pack an enchanting, powerful fragrance throw (but not cloying) while their size and price make it easy to collect them all! When company suddenly drops by, or when I'm feeling low, I light up my most traditional scent, CLEAN COTTON. It gives the impression of a spotless just-cleaned home even if it isn't quite ;) It eliminates pet odors, too. It also creates a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere, as most YC scents do, especially the clean, cozy, and festive lines. CLEAN COTTON in particular is truly universally appealing, I've found. Fragrance truly matters as a genuine and effective part of home decor! I only wish YC would release *MORE FRAGRANCE OILS!* The selection is so pitiful compared to the hundreds of candle scents. I am having serious trouble storing all my many, many, many large jar candles, and would be thrilled to buy every fragrance in oil form, over and over. The storage space saved would be invaluable, plus as an arthritis sufferer, it's getting harder and harder to deal with large jars. They may be the best overall value by price and burntime, but they do take up lots and lots of storage room. (An entire dedicated closet with 4 extremely deep shelves, plus who knows how many stored in their original shipping boxes in a spare room!). I would especially love to see: TREEHOUSE MEMORIES, TRUE ROSE, CAMPFIRE TREAT, and SOFT BLANKET. And some more *CHRISTMAS* oils, particularly CHRISTMAS WREATH. Such great stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts. I occasionally run across an old YC HFO STARTER KIT at official approved Yankee Candle retailers, stores known for name-brand discounted clothing and home goods. Maybe it's time to bring those starter kits back to the regular lineup? I think the quality of the oils and warmers is top-notch, with a strong scent throw from elegantly designed warmers, like the beautifully carved SOAPSTONE WARMER. The HFO bottles themselves are easy to store, easy to carry, easy to gift. Please, Yankee Candle, expand your HFO line! December 2, 2013
Fresh and Clean We have an air purifier/humidifier machine and I add scented oils to freshen up the room. It is the only room in the house where we allow smoking and sometimes the room has a yucky ashtray smell. Clean Cotton makes our room smell fresh and just cleaned. Within minutes I can say goodbye to the nasty ashtray smell and hello to freshness. I also love to burn the oil to freshen up the house. It is not overpowering and will brighten up any household. This fragrance will make your home fresh and clean without doing any work. April 17, 2013
Add drops to Spheres to extend Fragrance Life. I purchased this fragrance oil to add a coulple of drops with a couple of drops of water to extend the scent of the Scented Spheres I purchased. March 31, 2013
This fragrance smells so fresh! This is one of my favorites. I use my burner every other day and this ones makes the entire house smell clean and fresh. I just wish the oils were more readily available wherever Yankee products are sold in my area. March 8, 2013
This smells so good And it has such a clean scent. Love this one! Definitely recommend. July 20, 2012
Instant fresh clean fragrance. I love the oils. When the fragrance level has been met, turn off the warmer. I like that. July 19, 2012
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