Cinnamon Scone

Large Crackling LumiWick™ Vase Candle

100 to 140 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
Fresh-from-the-oven fabulous . . . pinches of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and brown sugar make this scent feel baked with love.
About Pure Radiance™ Crackling LumiWick™
Light up your home, experience the glow and create the perfect ambiance with Pure Radiance™, a new line of contemporary designed candles from Yankee Candle®. Now with NEW Crackling LumiWick™. The warm, welcoming feel of a crackling wood fire. We added natural wood to our traditional LumiWick™ to create a warm, extra-wide crackling flame with a soft, radiant glow that complements your décor, creating an inviting atmosphere where family and friends feel at home.
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Cinnamon Scone 4.2 5 13 13
The best candles in the world! I love Yankee candles. They're the best in the world. I have one lit constantly, and when our friends visit, they tell us they don't want to leave. Even repair men comment on how wonderful our home smells. If they're not Yankee candles, they dare not enter our home! August 30, 2014
This candle DOES have great features! This is a new candle for us. It is great. The fragrance goes through out the whole house and it smells wonderful. Light cinnamon smell with a ting of campfire smoke. It will be one that we order again. The crackling is a pleasant sound reminding us of an outdoor fire. August 30, 2014
Yummy scent, interesting features This scent smells very realistic and made us hungry for cinnamon scones! The jar design is very fancy and works well with the pillar candle holder which we bought for jar candles but was too small. This style of candle works well as a centerpiece on a table, especially as it has no writing on the outside, so that it is much more formal looking. At first, we could barely hear any crackling noise (only audible when one's ear was right next to the candle). However, after several times of burning it for about 30 minutes each time, the crackling has become slightly louder. It's still only noticeable if sitting next to the candle in a fairly quiet room, but it's better than at first. We just wish that it were more audible, so that everyone could enjoy it, not just the person sitting right next to the candle. April 22, 2014
Delicious! I am very pleasantly surprised with how delicious this candle smells. Definitely like a scone with some clotted cream. The throw is excellent and burn so far is fabulous. However, the crackling on this particular candle is almost nonexistent. I have other crackling candles from yankee and they are all very enjoyable. I'm not sure why, but this one is almost silent. And yes, it's the crackling version with the wood wick and textured glass. I don't mind though, it smells so tasty I'm ok even without the crackle! February 9, 2014
Not a bakery scent at all to me. It pains me to write a poor review of any Yankee product as I am a long time fan, but this candle was nothing like I was expecting! With all the great reviews, I was sure it would be a sweet cinnamon "bakery" type scent. Instead, it is an awful almost chemical smell. Not sure how to describe it other than extremely unpleasant and since I don't have a store nearby, it will be going into the trash. December 12, 2013
I love cinnamon! I love cinnamon candles, and was a real fan of YC cinnamon roll candle. It gave a nice sweet twist to the cinnamon. I gave cinnamon stick, and sparkling cinnamon a chance, but they were not exactly what I was looking for. Then I came across this candle, and it is like a new and improved classic YC cinnamon roll. HIGHLY recommended. Please YC do not stop making this candle or any of the pure radiance line. I absolutely love them. November 15, 2013
Beautiful I bought this for my friend (Man) & I'm positive he's going to LOVE IT, It's not womanly, the wick crackles, I know he will love this scent, I love how clean & fresh the jars look, I have 3 In Iced cookie & LOVEEEEEEEE them, my all time favorite candle, Way 2 go Yankee :) November 9, 2013
Smells so nice! I love the Pure Radiance Crackling LumiWick candles. I read that some people are not happy with the crackling sound. It is a soft crackle but I love it. It is nice to read a book or enjoy the quiet with the candle glowing. This is only my opinion, I am glad that it is not a loud crackle. I am a return customer and plan on purchasing more. October 17, 2013
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