Candied Apple

Large Jar Candle

110 to 150 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
From the county fair . . . crisp red apples coated with a mix of melted sugar, orange, pear and vanilla.
About Large Jar Candles
Our candles are made from premium grade paraffin and infused with the finest quality ingredients that deliver "true-to-life" scents. Each wick is hand straightened to ensure the best burn possible.
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Candied Apple 4.8 5 20 20
So fun I really love this candle.I bought it in the Mass store.It has such a kidlike fun smell.Its just like the smell of candy apples at the fair.Not fake at all.This is a must..Please come back in tarts...its nice to burn tarts too... August 29, 2014
OMG I bought this last year when they had one of their semi- annual sales.Boy am I glad I did.( Sooo tired of summer, ready for fall.) I got this out this morning and lit it. Went out and mowed and when I came back into the house I was blown away by the most amazing and authentic smelling candy apple scent. WOW. I grew up in PA, and can remember the smell of those apples waffing through the air at our street fairs.That is EXACTLY what this candle smells like. And the throw is AWESOME. My whole house smells fantastic. Now Yankee needs to put this in a tart wax melt.(I would by a whole bunch!!!!).I highly recommend. August 28, 2014
THANKS LINDSEY FOR THIS RECOMMENDATION! I have to thank Lindsey who I speak with often on Yankee's live chat. After 20 years, I've never come across this scent until now, and all I have to say is that it's beautiful and the scent throw is fantastic! Since I have large open rooms, one has a cathedral ceiling, and this is the main room upon entering my home. I lit this scent yesterday, and within minutes it's wonderful combination of sweet macintosh apples and peach and pear and the sweetness of it wafted thru my open kitchen down the hallway! I was very surprised, it is as strong as my favorite fruit scent Berrylicious! The throw on that one is amazing as well and one jar of this Candied Apple scent filled my home without having to burn a tart or an oil! I do love to burn Apple Pumpkin or Spiced Pumpkin on the other side of my home and when the scents meet in the middle it's like mmmmmmmm! LOL. I love the sweet apples and fruit notes which I am really surprised this is only a treasure and not on the shelves all the time! I think Yankee should bring this scent back as a regular as it really is an all year round scent and especially for now as it's getting cooler outside and closer to fall. Perfect fragrance notes make this scent put a smile on my family's faces and everyone who entered my home said it smelled so nice and crisp and clean. I love to get compliments when I burn a Yankee candle as it's those compliments that make me satisfied the scent throw is there. Great job Yankee, I recommend this scent to all of us customers who love the Macintosh and Peach, Macintosh and all other apple scents. I would rate the scent as medium/strong. I love, love it! I am going to my local store to purchase a couple more large jars to have on hand as this really is a unique amazing scent. It is pairing wonderfully with my Macintosh Peach which is in the next room! Please bring this back Yankee, I'm surprised it's not a regular as I believe it will be a great seller in local stores. Also, some tarts in this scent would be fantastic. I burn mine sometimes with Mango Peach Salsa Tarts, Macintosh, and Farmer's Market and it makes the whole house smell like a farmers market!!! Love it! August 25, 2014
AMAZING SCENT! Yankee, I love every one of your apple scents. I have to say, Candied Apple is the very best of them all! I will be sure to get to my local store with the new buy 2 get 2 free coupon to grab 2 more jars of this delightful, crisp sweet apples, with prominent orange notes and the combination of the pear and vanilla make this scent one I will be sure to stock up on! I can't believe after 20 yrs of being a Yankee collector, I've never come across this one. I lit my large jar today in the living room which is open with cathedral ceiling, the scent within minutes started wafting throughout the living area, the kitchen, and into the hallway which is quite a distance. Excellent throw! I am fussy, I like to smell my scents and this is terrific. I can't believe this is not a year round scent! It's perfect for summer or fall and now that it is transitioning into fall, cooler days and nights, this scent is perfect and has the aroma which puts a smile on our faces and is very energizing at the same time. Very unique scent. I smell crisp macintosh apples with sweet orange and pear right off the top layer. Beautiful color, rich, dark oily marbling. Please bring this back as a regular I'm sure it will sell! It would be wonderful also to have this in a tart or fragrance oil as well. But since it's a treasure for now and my local store carries it thankfully, I will be sure to get there to grab a few more! This scent carries it's fragrance even with the windows open. NOW THAT'S A GREAT CANDLE! This scent is one I would pay full price. It's great that the family and friends said it smells so crisp and sweet and truly is cozy at the same time. Please take into consideration bringing this back on shelves at least at fall time if not regularly! Thanks again. Besides the terrific Berrylicious which also scents my whole entire home with one jar lit, this is right up there as far as scent throw and terrific fragrance notes. MMMMMMMMM smells great!!! I recommend this to anyone who loves apple scents like I do, including Macintosh and Peach, who loves a fantastic throw as much as I do. it's Perfect!!! August 23, 2014
Wonderful Fall Scent! This scent is a perfect scent to help transition from summer to fall. Since i live in the South, October can still be very warm even though we are technically in autumn. This scent is the perfect one to burn at this time. I purchase it every year to help me make the transition. August 17, 2014
candy! This smells like sweet apple candies! After it burns a bit the orange starts to blend in and it smells amazing! One I do wish was avaliable year round too! August 5, 2014
Unique Scent...Wish it was available all year. Great and unique scent. There's the fresh smell of apples with a sugary overtone. Moderate-Moderately strong throw. Great for summer and fall...all year round actually. I never get tired of it. Wish they'd keep it year round. June 12, 2014
Best scent yet Love this. Hope it's one that never gets retired!!!!! June 4, 2014
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