Bunny Cake®

Large Jar Candle

110 to 150 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
A delicious way to hop into spring. . . a sweet treat of sugary coconut, creamy vanilla, and bright citrus.
About Large Jar Candles
The traditional design of our signature jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that's always at home.

  • Burn Time: 110 to 150 hours
  • Wax: Custom blended wax formulation to ensure the optimum melting point and ability to hold fragrance oil
  • Scent: Only the finest premium-quality ingredients infused with natural essential oils to create distinctive "true-to-life" scents
  • Glass: Lab-tested to ensure the appropriate strength and consistency
  • Wick: Lead-free with 100% natural fibers for the cleanest burn possible
  • Weight: 22 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4"
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Bunny CakeĀ® 3.5 5 43 43
happy Easter Omg this scent is just fabulous. I truly recommend this one. It is a must have in my house during Easter. It has been for the past two years. August 14, 2014
Not enough aroma for me. I love the cute little pink bunny, and the smell is nice, but it's not strong enough for my taste. The scent is a nice sweet, light coconut cake smell and would work well for those who prefer a light sweet smell like maybe a dorm or for people who easily get headaches. August 14, 2014
My first bakery scent! I usually hate the cake-y fragrances (I tend to lean toward Fruit and Fresh categories) but Bunny Cake has become one of my top favorites this summer. I would say it is the perfect balance of vanilla cake, coconut, and citrus. It smells really good when I burn it with Summer Scoop, Lemon Zest, or Key Lime Pie. The throw is pretty good for me--I will smell it a lot if I sit in the same room, or leave and come back in--but it's a pretty soft one. I like that, though, because like I said the bakery type scents usually just overpower my nose. This is just like a light, fluffy, angel food coconut lemon cake. Love it. July 22, 2014
I've never had a problem. Love this one. I've never had a problem with this scent like others seemed to have. The scent IS a tad on the mild side but I've had no problem smelling it. Also, I love rabbits so the little bunny cake pic was a bonus. July 8, 2014
spring favorite Like another reviewer, i also was a little disappointed with this scent last year, but purchased again this year. I just couldn't resist the cute label and beautiful color wax. This is one of those cases where I knew what to expect the second time. This is not a strong throw by any means. I'm ok with only getting a whiff of fragrance as I walk by. Candles can smell good without being overwhelming and filling the whole house. I usually favor the strong throws, but even I can get tired of strong smells and want a break for my sense of smell some days. (Our house has an average of as many as 6 candles burning almost every day). My family has decided this candle smells like jelly beans and I think I would agree with them. It's wonderful and I will continue to repurchase. June 24, 2014
mixed feeling The good--love the smell, which to me is like a mix of cotton candy and a bit of coconut. Very sweet, no doubt. I find the throw to be decent (there must be a quality control issue here bc the reviews vary greatly between good throw and zero throw). Now for the bad -- my large jar burned horribly (this purchase was before Easter). It would not form a wax pool after 4-5 hours, with an illumalid AND foiling. The burn was consistently bad every single time. But here's hoping for a better batch.... Bc after all that frustration, I just repurchased during the current sale bc I really love the scent. If you want to take a chance during a sale, maybe you'll get lucky ....or not. June 21, 2014
Such a Perfect Scent! I absolutely LOVE the Bunny Cake scent! It's one of Yankee's best candles. I'd say the scent has a medium strength, but a great throw. It's definitely not overpowering, but it's certainly not too faint of a smell, either. You can definitely smell the coconut and vanilla in the candle, and the very faint citrus bit is very nice and refreshing. June 12, 2014
Where's the scent? The only scent I ever got out of this candle was the waxy smell once it was down to 1 inch. Very disappointed. No scent at all. June 3, 2014
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