Boney Bunch

Votive Candle Holder

7" X 3.25" X 6.5"
Item #1226823
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About This Collection
Whether scaring up a prom date, losing their heads in the pumpkin patch, or bobbing for apples, our newest batch of Boneys are up to their old tricks.
About This Accessory
These versatile candle accessories provide an easy way to enhance the look of any room, from modern to traditional. Use in multiple arrangements for dramatic impact. They also make a thoughtful and affordable gift for any occasion.
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Boney Bunch 2.5 5 4 4
Black powder everywhere I am very disappointed in this decorative piece. I love the design, don't get me wrong, but the black flocking on the pants is a disaster! When I opened up my package from the mail, there is a fine black powder coating the entire piece. I have tried wiping it off, but it just seems like it keeps appearing. Had this been all ceramic, I would have kept the piece, but the flocking is a disaster, and for that reason, I have to return it. I am very disappointed with Yankee. Good idea, poor design. November 17, 2013
Beautiful Product as far as design is concerned. The black powder coating applied on pants is terrible!!!!!!!!! It was all over everything! Powder in bag, on figure where it did not belong and on your hands like newspaper print and hard to wash off. Finally, I bought some "goo be gone" and thru several applications was able to remove all of this "black powder" from off of the figure and off my hands. This was the 2nd one I received in this condition. Please inspect this product carefully and have the vendor change his final coating to something less "messy and dirty". November 9, 2013
Headless Farmer I can only give this 3 star's as I have been trying to wipe the black sooty stuff from the pants and vest off the orange pumpkins and arms since I took it out of the package. Some of it is coming off. Look's like production was in a hurry? Product is not as clean as the picture. On the positive side, it is the right size to set next to the haunted house, not to big. September 5, 2013
The Headless farmer Looks great along with the Pumpkin wagon. I missed this one when it initially came out so I was glad to be able to purchase it now. August 17, 2013
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