Blueberry Scone

Samplers® votives

Up to 15 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
The delicious aroma of English quickbread with sweet blueberries, rich cream and a hint of vanilla.
About Samplers® votives
Perfect for fragrance layering and sampling new scents, our Samplers® votives offer lots of decorative possibilities when used with one of our many votive holders. Sold individually, each one comes wrapped and labeled.
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Blueberry Scone 4.5 5 12 12
My absolute favorite! I love blueberry scone. I have to say it is probably my favorite scent. I usually burn a large jar in my living room. My living room is decently large so sometimes I will burn a votive along with it just to add that little extra kick. I love these votives. They pack quite a powerful punch for being so small. Blueberry scone is not a scent for everyone, however, you won't be let down by these little guys if you already like the scent. August 11, 2014
I LOVE THIS CANDLE!!!! For a few years, I'm addicted to blueberry and I really wanted this candle to smell as good as when my mom pulls out a blueberry cake out of the over, actually it does. I am really surprised how all the fruity, flowery fragrances don't smell chemical! December 9, 2013
Smells wonderful I only purchased a votive of this fragrance, but wow what a great smell. It is strong and smells great! If you like the smell of blueberry scones, this is the product for you! November 16, 2013
First time customer, Honest reviews. How I use them: In a tart burner Rating: 95/100 thoughts: Top 3 of all the ones I have tried. I smelt it in the store and it was soooo good. So it was the first one I lit up. Smell: It was the only one that I could smell consistantly, usually I find that I get used to the smell and stop smelling it after a while without leaving then returning to the room, but this one was sooo good. It just hit that sweet spot in my nose and I was in heaven. This will always be in my top 3. It was that good Strength: 8/10 Likes: Pineapple Cilantro, Macintosh, Patchuli, Cranberry chutney, bahama breeze, sage and citrus, pomegranate cider, Mandarin Cranberry, Apple cider, Farmers Market, Blueberry Scone, Lavender Vanilla dislikes: balsam and cedar, vineyard, black cherry, vanilla cupcake, vanilla, Grapevine and oak, midnight jasmine, lilac blossom September 30, 2013
Smells like muffins in the oven I had never tried Blueberry Scone before, and I was just as happy with it as all YC blueberry scents. Strong smell and excellent throw. Love it! August 24, 2013
This Blueberry Sconce is amazing. I just lit the votive. The features on this is a miracle worker. I lit it one morning, and out came my husband and my grand-daughter. It wasn't a school day nor a work day. I asked them what they were doing up. (I felt terrible at the response, but I had to laugh)! They thought I made Blueberry muffins!! It had went clear back in the bedrooms! I can't wait to light the big one. April 28, 2013
Smells true! This smells true to its name, blueberry scone is gorgeously scented. March 15, 2013
Good concept, but not strong enough I enjoy the fruit scents and thought I would really enjoy this scent. It's not that I don't like the smell, but when light, the candle is not strong enough to scent the room. I used this votive in a bedroom and although it was light for two hours, the room barely had the scent of the candle. The concept of the candle was a good idea, but just not strong enough. I don't recommend the product for this reason. March 7, 2013
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