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About This Fragrance
Seasoned by the elements. . . this modern blend of vetiver, salt air and driftwood creates an intriguing fragrance.
About Tarts® wax melts
Simply place in a Tarts® wax melts warmer (never add water) and light an unscented tea light below, or use one of our electric warmers. As the wax melts, the fragrance is released. Mix and match scents to create your own personal aroma blends.
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Beach Wood™ 4.1 5 34 34
Beach Wood Wouldn't buy again. This has a sweet musky scent. It was not overpowering March 8, 2014
Warm, Musky Beach This tart is wonderful.. I will definately be adding the Large Jar of this scent to my collection! This is a warm, musky, fresh scent. It has a great throw, and fills the room nicely. Beach Wood is a keeper for any YC collector like myself! February 28, 2014
Best beach scent Love this scent! It is subtle, but so is the salt air at the beach on a perfectly breezy, balmy day. The vetiver definitely makes the difference in this one. February 18, 2014
Intriguing Beachwood is hard to describe. It's woodsy, yet musky, not feminine or masculine. Both my husband and I really enjoy it. The vetiver and salt lend an airy freshness. It reminds me of a cool ocean breeze in autumn. The scent itself is fairly subtle. It is not a knock your socks off strong scent; if it were stronger it would be completely overpowering. That being said, it still throws wonderfully and can be detected through several rooms. I was so impressed with Beachwood that I just purchased it in a large 2 wick tumbler also. February 15, 2014
Warm wood in the sun... The scent smells like an afternoon relaxing on an old, weathered pier at the beach that has been warmed up by the sun. I can almost feel the smooth planks under my hands. More than just a woody scent, the vetiver (a woodsy grass) adds a mellow richness to the tart. The slight salt air tone contributes a fresh scent. Perfect scent for someone who wants to escape the floral or bakery scents. This tart is lighter smelling than most, but I think that's good. The scent would be overpowering if it was stronger. Definitely worth a try! Enjoy! January 15, 2014
An unusual, poignant fragrance I first sampled this fragrance in my local Yankee Candle store by deeply inhaling the scent of a Beachwood tart. It smelled delicious and provocative even through the plastic wrapper; I asked the pleasant sales clerk if the Beachwood tarts were the only items in this fragrance that the store had in stock because I was immediately going to purchase a jar candle. She replied that, due to the fact that it was the end of the holiday shopping spree, the tarts were the only items left on the shelves. No problem! I bought several tarts and warmed one that evening in my trusty 10 year-old Yankee Candle electric warmer (how's THAT for quality!# What a lovely surprise. Beachwood has become #along with Balsam and Cedar, Autumn Leaves and Mountain Lodge) one of my top favorite Yankee Candle fragrances. The scent is mysterious and intriguing. Although this can indeed be classified as an "ocean scent", it goes beyond the typical salt water aroma that most "ocean scent" candles possess. I caught the understated yet unmistakable scent of weathered driftwood. It's almost indescribable. It's musty and earthy with an overlay of salt water and that permeating driftwood. This fragrance is strong without being overpowering and it can easily fill your home in a very short time. It's also extremely comforting and "solid" and it creates a feeling of well-being which is nice to come home to after a long day. It certainly brings back memories of days at the beach, wading in the surf, traipsing through wet sand and looking for that perfect shell. I'm also transported to an old seaside inn by a lighthouse, where an aged ship's captain sits in the shadows, spinning yarns about his days on the high seas. I've never experienced a fragrance that conjures up so many thoughts, memories and associations all at one time and Beachwood has a permanent place in my home. I just hope that Yankee Candle doesn't decide to discontinue this scent because the company has a winner here. January 14, 2014
Beachwood tart is a winner! I have previously reviewed the Beachwood votive with a negative critique due to the lack of throw. This scent calls to me, and I am happy to report the tart version has been a much better performer. Really good medium throw to it. I've got Vineyard burning in a large jar (strong throw) in another room but even so I can pick up the Beachwood notes really well. If you're a Beachwood lover, I'd highly recommend getting the tart. I'm on my 3rd burn and it's still performing - good value! For me personally, Beachwood is a top 10 fragrance. September 3, 2013
So flowery, no beach I sniffed the outside of the tart at the store, and I couldn't really get a good sense of it, but I love beachy, salty scents, so I gave it a try. Sadly, it is super, super flowery. I put just one tart in my warmer, and about as soon as the whole thing had melted, one of my coworkers was wandering around asking what the horrible smell was. It smells like low quality air freshener, not like a day at the beach. Womp womp, I'm hoping that maybe after a few days, some of the initial pungency will wear off, and I'll be able to like it. Because... I bought a second tart. August 28, 2013
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