Baby Powder

Large Jar Candle

110 to 150 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
A soothing, fresh scent that gently cleanses the spirit and gives it a soft touch of innocence.
About Large Jar Candles
The traditional design of our signature jar candle reflects a warm, relaxed sense of style that's always at home.

  • Burn Time: 110 to 150 hours
  • Wax: Custom blended wax formulation to ensure the optimum melting point and ability to hold fragrance oil
  • Scent: Only the finest premium-quality ingredients infused with natural essential oils to create distinctive "true-to-life" scents
  • Glass: Lab-tested to ensure the appropriate strength and consistency
  • Wick: Lead-free with 100% natural fibers for the cleanest burn possible
  • Weight: 22 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7" x 4"
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Baby Powder 5 5 9 9
Baby Sweet Baby......Powder!!!! I am so glad to see this back for sale on the website. I had one of the older ones (with the black bands) and couldn't bring myself to burn it. It was the only one I had and I feared I would never see it for sale again! Thank you for bringing it back. I just received my order of 4 of them and I may just order more. What a fantastic scent!! Baby Powder is a happy scent, true to its' name!! It smells exactly like baby powder, reminding me of a clean, bubbling baby and also reminds me of a baby nursery. I love to burn this in my bathrooms and bedrooms. I also love to just go by this candle, remove the lid and indulge in this heavenly scent. I strongly recommend this to anyone who has ever enjoyed smelling baby powder. You will NOT be disappointed. Thank you, YC for this wonderful candle and all the joy and memories it brings!! This one is PERFECT! April 15, 2014
1 Word: Amazing!! OK, Yankee has really, really out did itself with this baby--no pun intended!! The scent and throw is "off the charts"!! Whenever I light this, all I smell is the true fresh, clean, comforting fragrance of baby power, Yankee has authenticated it so well!! Strong throw enhances its sweet, gentle fragrance and gives a great sense of well being. Highly recommend!! March 27, 2014
Absolutely one of YC's best!!! Baby Powder is such a beautiful, sweet, innocent scent. It's nice and strong. I like only real strong candles, and this is wonderful! Great throw... They just came back out, I now have 6 and time to buy more before the sale ends!! Definitely recommend Baby Powder!!! December 30, 2013
Just like baby powder I received this candle as a gift when my first child was born 15 years ago. I was surprised how much it smelled just like baby powder. You could almost picture clouds of the powder floating through the air with this scent. This does not make you sneeze like real clouds of powder, though. It is a light fresh scent and worked great to freshen the nursery and give it a clean smell. My friend just received hers via post and when I smelled it I went back 15 years to my baby's room. The candle smells the same after all this time. I would rate this candle in the mid range of throw. Capable of scenting one large room. December 30, 2013
If you love the smell of baby powder, then this candle is a must! I took a chance and ordered this on-line. Score! It smells exactly like baby powder. I burn it in the bathroom to keep a clean, fresh scent in the air. You won't be disappointed! December 25, 2013
Baby Powder Scent Love this smell.It is not overpowering.Works for me January 1, 2013
YC's Best Candle Yankee Candle's Baby Powder is my favorite scent. I have at least half a dozen of these large candles because I am scared they will go away and I cannot buy any more. The scent is very clean and fresh. It smells exactly like baby powder. If you like the smell of baby powder, you need to get this candle. If I leave it in a room with the lid off and unlit, I can smell it when I walk by the room. It is that strong. December 24, 2012
This is one of my favorite scents. I love how the scent is strong enough that I can smell it through out my house, but yet it is not overpowering. I hope that this scent become available all the time again. This scent, Farmers Market and Red Apple Wreath our the best scents that Yankee Candle makes. December 24, 2012
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