Apple Pumpkin™

Jar Wax Melts

Up to 8 Hours of Fragrance
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About This Fragrance
Homegrown apples and pumpkins, two of fall's classic aromas, come together for a warm, cozy, inviting fragrance that fills the home with the delicious warmth. The slightly sweet, earthy notes from the pumpkin and clove, with a little bit of spiced apple added, bring the season home and offer a arms-open-welcome to family and friends.
About Jar Wax Melts
Exceptional, fast and easy-to-clean flameless fragrancing. NEW Yankee Candle® Jar Wax Melts are easy to clean! Let the pool of wax cool completely for at least 2 hours then simply push the wax out of the warmer bowl. Use in one of our electric warmers or simply place in a Tarts® wax melts warmer (never add water) and light an unscented tea light below. As the wax melts, the fragrance is released. Mix and match scents to create your own personal aroma blends.
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Apple Pumpkin™ 3.3 5 6 6
breath taking Apple Pumpkin wax melt is my all time favorite off all the wax melts. It smells so much like both pumpkin and apple. Alot of the time for me anyway I find it very hard to find both smells in one melt but with this one it was just there you could smell the creaminess of the pumpkin mixed with that crisp apple scent. It is so perfect for fall. Or just everyday use like me. March 22, 2014
Decent throw and easily discarded I've found that the jar wax melts are easier to remove from the wax warmer as they claim to be; whether or not that benefit is worth the extra money is up to the individual. Personally I stocked up on both the tarts wax melts as well as the jar wax melts during the semi-annual clearance, and have not found a difference in throw between the two types where the same fragrance is concerned. That being said, I found that the Apple Pumpkin (one of my absolute favorites in the jar candles!) had a decent throw for a smaller room--I used this in a wax warmer on my bathroom counter. I was able to smell the fragrance using it for two nights straight (probably between 8-10 hours.) I have yet to try it in a larger living space but have the feeling I would need to combine it with a jar candle if I wanted the fragrance throughout my living area. January 27, 2014
Honest Review... Okay, I had been seeing these new jar tarts for a while and wanted to give em' a try so I picked one of my favorite scents, Apple Pumpkin. First the positives...They do in fact pop out the warmer when they are fully cooled down. I even had melted it in a non- Yankee brand warmer, just to see how it would work. Also, the jar design is quite cute and would be nice for gift baskets for gift giving. Now the negative... They don't last as long as a regular tart. I have burned this scent many times in Lg. Jars, reg tarts, and votives, so I know how each throws. These started strong and then the scent faded fast. Then it had a weird scent at the end which I can only think would be the type of wax being different from what they normally use. The other neg. is the cost. I can't justify it. Sorry. For me personally I will be sticking with their regular tarts. I did check the I would recommend this product, because I think everyone should try them and you can make up your own mind. September 4, 2013
Great fragrance, but not any different than the tarts. I spent the extra money on these because I was told it was much easier to get the wax out, however, I find it just as difficult as the cheaper tarts. Disappointed! September 2, 2013
Not for me. This tart does have a lasting scent - which is normally a PLUS. However, there is something off-putting about it on the back end. I get the apple and a little pumpkin and then something I do not like. I can not quite pinpoint it but it overpowers the whole scent (in my opinion). I wanted to like it but sadly I will be exchanging them for something else. I am also not sure yet about the new Jar wax melts. I love the concept. They come out of their wrapper easier than a regular tart and they do pop out of the burner easily but it leaves a sticky oily mess in the burner. August 30, 2013
Must Have for Autumn! This is definitely a must have scent for Autumn. It smells like fresh apples and pumpkin pies, and the throw is fantastic - I can burn it in one room, and the whole house smells amazing. It's definitely something you'll notice. I enjoy the wax melts because it's easier to change out scents, as opposed to the wax tarts. August 13, 2013
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